Friday, 24 April 2009

How To Achieve Powerseller Status on Ebay

I have been researching for resources to help you become a powerseller on ebay.

Below is a link to an auction tips site offering the information you require to learn how to become an ebay powerseller: it's powersellers who have the biggest feedback numbers and therefore the highest earnings on ebay. So learn the secrets to becoming a successful ebay powerseller today!

Bear in mind that ebay's policy regarding the sale of ebooks has changed since this article, but there's no reason why you can't achieve the sales volume you need using books or any item of mass interest that you can source easily.

A further product that caught my eye is this book by Nick Marks on achieving ebay powerseller status within 90 days. He has contacted over 50 of the most successful ebay powersellers and learned the secrets of their succes which he has then created into an easy to follow guide for you. He also includes many details of wholesalers and dropshippers worldwide to help you reach the hallowed Holy Grail! I highly recommend this guide:

So there you go, two quality resources for you to learn how to achieve powerseller staus on ebay!

Now did you see the book I pictured at the top of this post? It is an all action packed guide written for you by John Thornhill of planetsms and believe me, this guy knows something about pwerselling on ebay! So do click on this link and check in to see what Mr Thornhill can teach you about ebay powerselling! From the original ebook marketing guru himself!

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Good luck with your successful online home business!


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