Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Give yourself a reason: START A CHARITY!

Hi! I really want to shake you up today!

I've been reading a book last night by Will Edwards of White Dove books (it was FREE with his great ebook writer software - which I am going to sell at zowoco.com ). It's called 7 keys and it's all about defining your major definite Purpose in Life! What's that? It's your big Lifetime goal, the whatever that you'd really like to achieve! In this book, which I am just about to give you FREE, Edwards suggests that if you really want to be successful you have to discover what God wants you to do with your Life and to dedicate all your efforts to achieving this! Presumably God helps you, too!

See, by finding and fulfilling your own unique Purpose in Life you will be living your Life to the full. So I guess that's all right! Napoleon Hill, the young reporter challenged by Andrew Carnegie, gave his readers (Think and Grow Rich...I'd rather not, and grow rice) to suppose that a secret lurks within his text and that when you discover this, which he never revealed, you can begin your own Wealth creation. And it seems that this, the so-called Carnegie Secret, is simply to discover (I say create) your MAJOR DEFINITE PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE and go for it! Disdain criticism, determine to persevere, no matter what (as I wrote this I lost the draft and am beginning again!), just never give up. I say BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: you are ace! You can do whatever you really want. Just refuse to accept defeat. Quitters never win and winners never quit.

Have no fear but create within yourself an overwhelming desire to achieve your Purpose. The idea being that you attract the resources and people you need as you go along. This so-called law of attraction everyone is swanking about, you know, just "SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND" - pretty basic, and Jesus says it neater every time! Ask, Seek, Knock. God says he will give to you! You can read this in the gospels for yourself, and you'll enjoy Proverbs and Ecclesiastes too for building WISDOM!

Anyway, this idea of having a Major Definite Purpose for yourself. A multi millionaire I met, Dan Pena, says it much better: "Set yourself a huge goal you CANNOT achieve within your Lifetime!"
Like the builders of the great cathedrals of Europe: probably the architect did not live to see his awesome creation take final shape. Cool idea, eh?! So TODAY I challenge you: imagine you were able to start a charity! What would it be? For whom? You ever thought about that? I have never met anyone who has! Rise above the petty day-to-day troubles you have and consider building the greater good! You don't have to be a saint, just be your gifted self! What sort of charity will you create? Write your idea down and frame it!

Think outside your tiny self-prescribed box and move ahead! You will be filled with excitement as you awake focusing on your amazing Purpose. Take time walking somewhere peaceful alone with God to discover this for yourself. Become your true self! What a challenge! Awesome. What is it you really want, what do you love to do? Maybe this is God prompting you! Read the FREE ebook "The 7 keys" anyway, and see what goes. I hope I've moved you out of your comfort zone today, cheers!

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Many thanks, Louise
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