Friday, 15 February 2008

The Wisdom of Wealth: FREE ebook for you!

Today I have a FREE ebook for you to download! It was originally written in the first decade of the last century. One man expounds his thoughts and experience in the world of business to the concept of the Abundance of Wealth. I hope you find it valuable and thought provoking. The link is below.

Wealth in abundance: who doesn't truly desire this for themselves and their family? I'm sure you do! In the last 12 years I have read many books on creating wealth, building a business and investing money, yet I still think my favourite is the very first I discovered: George S. Clason's timeless and superb "The Richest Man in Babylon". First written in the America of the Great Depression and published in 1929 this book quickly found an eager and rapt audience and has since become a cornerstone of this subject, the creation of personal Wealth. See if you can source a copy: I highly recommend! I would like to quote half a paragraph if I may.

"Proceeding accomplishment must be desire. Thy desires must be strong and definite. General desires are but weak longings. For a man to desire five pieces of gold is a tangible desire which he can press to fulfillment. After he has backed his desire for five pieces of gold with strength of purpose to secure it, next he can find similar ways to obtain ten pieces and then twenty pieces and later a thousand and, behold, he has become wealthy. In learning to secure his one definite small desire, he hath trained himself to secure a larger one. This is the process by which Wealth is accumulated: first in small sums, then in larger ones as a man learns and becomes more capable. Desires must be simple and definite."

This book took me from a vague wish for riches to an overwhelming belief that I can attain ALL that I set my heart upon attaining! I decided to become a possibility thinker! You can, too!

Take the time out to dare to imagine great things in your Life! Perhaps they are but distant yearnings as yet? Bring your ideas out of your inner mind and work on them! You can achieve all you want, start a charity, build dreams, bring hope to a lost world, create great prosperity for all around you. Dare to dream big. Walk tall. Know that it is possible for you to attain all that you want. Just begin to look for the path, the way towards, solutions, links, possibilities!

I'd like to share an ebook with you. It will open your mind to the abundant possibility around you. Download and read in your own time. You may need to download the Adobe pdf file reader first: you can find that at you will see "downloads" so click on "get Adobe reader" (it's FREE). Here is the link to download the FREE ebook:
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