Monday, 31 March 2008

A New Vision for Your Online Business

Hi! I have spent March aiming to relocate from South Wales to East Sussex: 250 miles away. So my eBay shop has suffered my absence but I will soon have lots of books listed now! Today's biggest news item is the end of eBay accepting sales of digital items such as ebooks! To me this is regression, not progress: just as the printed book was, in William Caxton's era, the greatest advance of communication technology, so today is the digitally delivered ebook!!

This new innovation allows anyone with access to a computer and printer to purchase, download, read, and even print off a book within minutes from any source in the entire world! You can even bind the book at home!

Think for a moment how important this advance in the world of book publishing and sales is. Imagine eBay had existed in the Middle Ages and had banned the sale of printed books! Imbecile.

The ebook is to the physical printed book as the printed book was to handwritten manuscripts. The ebook saves you waiting for snail mail delivery. The ebook saves mass printing and binding - just think what a massive impact this new facility could have on our planet! How many trees can now be saved from the chop! The ebook allows the reader to only print off vital pages required. Indeed, I store all my ebooks on my laptop and simply read them off the desktop: I never print the ebooks out at all but just memorise the information I require.

Think how much space this saves in my home! I truly believe the ebook to be the greatest advance in human technology today. I'm sure the world's forests are just as excited as I! What do you think about ebooks? Have you read any? Do you have any stored on your computer? You can start the paper-free revolution today by downloading one of the free ebooks on the left-hand column of this blog.

If you currently buy or sell on eBay, you may like to jazz up your feedback messages! I have been selling this handy little ebook on eBay for some time, but now I offer it you !FREE! Here is the download: Click Here Now to Download Your FREE ebook 101 Awesome Feedback Designs and Jazz Up Your eBaying!!

I will be offering ebooks such as these FREE on my eBay About Me page as a useful resource for my shoppers, and , of course, gradually I will produce similar ebooks which recommend products of my own so that I can profit through endsales even from promoting FREE ebooks!

The next step is to relocate the sales of my own ebooks to Clickbank in order to gain affiliates and to produce a website for each ebook which I will then promote through Google Adwords, telling my eBay customers, and through a newsletter ezine I will soon set up. Watch this blog!!

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There you can opt to receive a new FREE website every month to host your own Adsense campaign and build your online income! I highly recommend!

Thanks for reading!

Louise Woodcock

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