Saturday, 12 April 2008

Exciting NEW Developments at zowoco!

Hi! That's my eBay store logo! Can I share another with you, that I designed? Have a look in both these stores: you too can set up an eBay store (shop), it's easy and costs only £6 per month in UK and the average listing costs just 6p as opposed to the higher auction fees you pay, so it soon pays for itself.

It will take you a few days to list say 100 items but if you can keep 20-40 items at any one time on auction and fixed price, you will find your store has a lot of visitors: I add an extra link into my listing description to encourage people to go to my shop and of course we have purchased redirection domains as you can see. Any domain seller will do. I tend to use

This week I have been occupied writing my first ebook! It contains all the links to the very best resources I currently use to build my online business. You can opt for what suits you best: I'm sure you will find some useful resources. I want to create a website speacially to promote this ebook, but as soon as it is all ready, I will let you know!

Check in regularly because you will find it very handy to have such a resource list you can download and browse offline. I talk a lot about why you need to build income online, too, to secure your financial future. Meantime I have quality Life challenging ebooks you can download for FREE here:

Today I recommend this website for building effective FREE targeted traffic: pop on over, see what they can offer you.

Here is a list of keywords I use for this blog. It's not rocket science, just letting people know where to find you! Build traffic little by little daily and soon people will be seeking you out and recommending your website! I want to share a good number of really cheap but highly effective traffic solutions in my new ebook, so I will get right on and work on this project now! Happy eBaying: see what you can sell out your home!

Cheers, Louise! Get your own FREE traffic today! Click Here To Find Out How!

What's so good about this FREE traffic generation is you get a FREE report to download which instantly tells you some key resources and concepts to gain FREE traffic which is also highly targeted, believe it or not, and that's before or indeed whether you opt to spend anything anyway! The comprehensive package is very inexpensive for the results you'll get! Try it!

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