Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Capture The Power of WEB 2.0 To Explode YOUR Internet Traffic & Build YOUR Business Exponentially!

What is WEB 2.0?

This is the HOT question webmasters and bloggers are asking today. Can it really bring traffic flooding to your URL? Is it the way of the future online or is it a passing phase? Does the term mean anything specific or is it hype? Isn't WEB 2.0 the same as blogging? Where can I find out about WEB 2.0? What can it do for me? What can it do for my business?

If YOU are asking yourself any of these questions, today you can discover WEB 2.0 for yourself. I am new to WEB 2.0. Let me point you to a powerful website that will give you a lot of WEB 2.0 links so you can discover what each one has to offer you.


This is a colourful and useful WEB 2.0 directory to get you interested! See what these websites have to offer. My favourite WEB 2.0 site is here:-


Here you can in effect, summarise your URL's activities: daily or weekly as you wish. One thing is for sure, WEB 2.0 is here to stay, although I am sure it will develop, and it is about to make the greatest impact on our concept of working online. If you are not currently enjoying the benefits of WEB 2.0, get with it! Register at http://www.tumblr.com/

And post regularly about your URL activities, in other words, what is new at your blog or website? WEB 2.0 is interactive. It has its foundations in the old billboards, in newsgroups, in forums: it is the natural progression of geek internet. But it truly has something crucial to offer every blogger and webmaster. Because Google loves http://www.tumblr.com/

Google happily picks up on your posts there and uses the information its search engine crawlers gather about your site to position you higher up its search engine rankings. You harness the power of clever linking: be seen to link with high traffic volume websites, post on WEB 2.0 sites Google loves to trawl. My recommendation is, any type of blogging, article writing or WEB 2.0 posting is time intensive, so check what the search engines think of the WEB 2.0 site before you post: is it friendly? Will it help or hinder you in your quest?

You can post pictures, bio, synopsis, press release, articles, text, stories, video, links, the possibilities are endless. WEB 2.0 is interactive internet. You post, others find you. But best of all, like at http://www.tumblr.com/, Google rates you on account of the quality of your content in relationship to its keyword tags. It's FREE. Start today. You'll be delighted to see your URL make its mark. And increased traffic (visitor numbers) to your site can only spell more sales and more profits. Because marketing on the internet is a numbers game. And how! With huge traffic there is no limit to what you can offer. Get your traffic, then service it! Get a high volume of targeted visitors to your URL daily then discover what they want, produce that, and sell them!

Build yourself a market then supply to that hungry market! The key to all search engine optimization is content quality and relevance to keywords. Why bother with any of this? Because the visitors who come to you from Google and other search engines is the top quality targeted prospect/potential buyers you can ever find. WEB 2.0 not only increases your traffic, it is highly targeted to your keywords! This puts Google Ad Words out in the chill! Get with it now!

When you want something online, do you search in Google or a search engine first? Do you click on the top 10, maybe 20 links? Why do you think people pay huge bids for pay-per-click advertising? Because they want their URL to be seen up with the top ranking websites for certain keywords or popular key phrases. But what if they did the homework and already projected themselves up into the top rankings? Wouldn't that save a lot of money? So plug into WEB 2.0 today.

WEB 2.0 is fun, FREE, quick, easy, methodical, and will boost your ranking and therefore your traffic volume daily. More people to your website = more prospects, more leads, more sales, more joint venture, more profits for your online business. Yes, you really can SEO for FREE!

If you want to know more about this fascinating new topic and truly vamp up your traffic volume in a very short time I very highly recommend Chris Freville's exciting inexpensive package: here is a guy who has done his homework and can grip your attention!
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I hope this article at zowoco.blogspot.com opens your eyes today to the huge UNTAPPED potential of WEB 2.0 to grow your online business. Please follow my links to discover more for yourself.

Cheers, Louise passion8success.com

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