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New Three Directional Approach To

Back again, just can't keep away!

I've been doing rather different things today online. Every now and then a Yahoo message tells me something has sold in my eBay store ( which is great because basically I only work one day a week at present while I am still in the middle of relocating, so my eBay income is paying for the marketing tools and knowhow I am purchasing. I will list some more things in my store, it's going well, in a small way!

I will do a really good blog about all the new tools I got today after the weekend: I'm going up to Oldham near Manchester for my cousin's wedding which will be a real break, I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun! It's a big drive from Sussex for the others but I will drive to Birmingham from Cardiff tomorrow anyway to teach my piano pupils so it's not far up north from there. A real North meets South affair! My cousin has 7 brothers and sisters and his bride has relatives down her arm!

Well, I have been thinking that to vary things here and keep it all relevant, fresh and interesting, I want to aim for a three directional approach to my posts. First, Business Solutions for building your income online. Second, Self Motivation. Third, I will have some posts content and keyword rich especially to pick up my search engine rankings! I will let you know how this works over the forthcoming weeks so you can try this approach, too. It is always crucial to build your traffic volume in lots of different ways.

So with that in mind I am going to post a completely different style of article I wrote today. Sometimes it is actually your personality and attitude that affects your business success, rather than your actual marketing strategies or business model itself. You can always be at work on your self discipline and self mastery! I am having 2 months off drinking alcohol, to prove to myself that I am not depend on it! This sort of self imposed fast can do wonders for your concentration, sense of Purpose and Direction, and leaves you with even more faith in your ability to carry a task to completion successfully. Here is the article:-

How You Can Improve Your Self Belief Until YOU Are Primed For Super Success - No Holds Barred!

You did it again! You bombed. Maybe you went to a job interview, maybe it was an evening out with the person of your dreams, maybe it was an online venture, or a stock market speculation. But it went wrong, even though you had your hopes pinned on this opportunity!

Where does the fine line between success and total failure really lie? Or is there a yawning chasm between the two? Can you turn failure on its heels and drag success from under the stock pile of your disappointment?

Well, I say, YES YOU CAN! And it really is a thin line indeed. Are you one of those people who feel elated one moment and then, later on in the day, feel totally distraught? Some bad news unsettles you perhaps? I am just like that! But I reason with my anxious inner nature and probe to find a deeper calm. See yourself as a winner and turn those heartaches to triumph for your self!

Ride above the mundane. Consider your priorities. In the job interview, did you concentrate on looking good, on coming across as upbeat, positive, eager, experienced? Were you focused on the impression you made? Suppose instead that you felt a deep inner conviction that it would be the firm's greatest good to hire you because...think about the strengths of this firm, their weaknesses. Are you the link? Do you want to be? What can you offer that will build more trade, stronger customer rapport, all round better business? Focus on how you will strengthen the business strategies of the firm for which you apply, and forget to trouble about your hair, your tie, your shoes. Have a deep inner conviction in your abilities. Know you can!

It is perfectly normal to be nervous at the interview, since only you know how you best face up to nerves. But if you know you have something to offer this company that gives you an edge over other applicants then stand confident and focus on the increased business you will bring about. Napoleon Hill gave some excellent advice when he said "act as if you own the company." This will help you to see the strengths and weaknesses of the company as though your were chairman, or a senior manager. Act it, become it.

I say this again: ACT IT, BECOME IT!

Think about it, what stands between you, the unconfident date, and you the successful lover? The way you act! So act just exactly as you believe the confident person would behave in the situation, and appear to have complete conviction that this is really YOU, this is how you are. You will begin to believe in yourself! And so will your partner.

As I see it, the startling difference about the confident person, who generally, in time, becomes the successful person, is this: the confident person has a deep inner conviction that they cannot fail. The person who hesitates, who fumbles, whose doubts nag at the mind and gnaw at the heart, that person is lost before they start. So from now on, try going with what you feel comfortable with. What you know in your heart you can do, well! It will make a world of difference: you don't need to be always pushing out the boat!

If you feel happy with one thing, do that. You'll find your level in time. But avoid the situations where you feel achingly nervous, because after a few of these experiences, that's how you see yourself. If you feel nervous, it is because you are out of your depth. Just dare a tiny step at a time, if you must dare at all; soon you will be a confident character whom others look up to. And interestingly, it is the quietly confident person who exudes "authority" is it not? So focus on your strengths, your likes, not your dislikes, do what you most enjoy and let Life pass you by for a while. Chances are, during this time of learning to accept yourself, there's someone watching you, weighing the balance: could you be the person to step up to middle management, or to lead this new project, or go on that course?

The opportunities come to you in the quiet reflective times in Life, you simply do not have to chase after new positions as if you were chasing butterflies! If you are good at a task, someone will notice, and reward you with a position of more responsibility. It is just like when you were a child. You may have said "I want to grow 4 inches tonight!" but chances are, you had to wait your time!

That is how Life goes, a quiet stream flowing relentlessly onward, sometimes placid, sometimes hitting the rapids and shooting forward with unbridled energy. You don't have to push yourself forward! Aim to build a reflective side to your character, let things take their course. It is a grand feeling to believe you won through, but in reality was there any need? I like to be quietly reflective, serene and unruffled by the day's events. Fate will move its charted course with no prompting from you!

Now, in no way do I suggest you should take on the attitude which says "Oh, what is the use?" That is despondency. Count on the parts of your character that never give way under pressure: that is the real you! If you have a hasty temper, worry not, you can improve the length of your patience with a little effort every day to forgive a little further than you have done in the past. Does it really matter? Or is it just your ego being bruised? Egos are like fingernails, they need constant filing! When your offended ego rears its ugly head, take no offence, but instead take a moment or two to work on your self. Walk away from the scene or apologize, even when it is clearly not your fault! I have always found this heals a rift and builds new bridges more effectively than any other reaction.

A person will find a deep respect for you when you own yourself in the wrong - after all, we all know how difficult that is! It is human nature to say hurriedly "It was not my fault! You were to blame!" Rather as Eve or Adam reacted in the Garden! We can cloak our raw personalities with grace, however and start anew! What harm does it you to back off? Turn the other cheek? It makes you stronger within, more confident in yourself, more aware of the emotional needs of others, much more likeable!

I find I can get along with near anyone if I can only find some common ground, if I climb inside their outlook and empathise with their point of view, even if it clashes with my own: after all, it is possible I may not always be right! I subtly try to command the others respect whilst at the same time building rapport with some conviction we may both hold in common. After all, surely you can't differ from that person in ALL respects? You must think alike on at least some level! Work on building your intuition and being very aware of how the other person is likely feeling in the situation - then you won't tread on so many toes as you stumble through Life.

And the day will fast arrive where you stumble no longer, but walk always calmly, serenely, confidently, for you have worked on the one thing Fate allows: your self! There is never room for two egos. Dispense with yours today! It does nothing for you and you have no need of it, and believe me, you won't miss your ego, but be glad without it! Who are you that you must always feel so important? Learn to laugh at yourself and you'll soon be very popular! And your new Life will begin: once you take the trouble to admit it could be your fault everything seems to go wrong, then suddenly everything goes right. And in a time of trouble you will have many supporters, and that quiet inner conviction you know yourself!

Life appears to be a great challenge but the truth lies nearer home: tempering your self is the challenge. Achieve that self mastery and you will lead all who are still blaming one another! There are many words of wisdom you will enjoy in the Book of Proverbs in the middle of the Bible. There 31 chapters, one for every day of the month! Who knows, perhaps the ancient people knew something of human nature? For these words have stood the test of Time! Begin today!

Technology and opinion may change from hour to hour but human nature remains the same: a wild unbroken horse to be bridled! Control first your inner nature and your reactions and you will control all that is possible in your Life. No longer will you find yourself in a nervous situation, for you will always be quietly confident in yourself. And things will improve, and move ahead for you, as sure as a child grows to become an adult. Believe in yourself: begin today!

Louise Woodcock Piano Teacher and Internet Business Strategist You can discover more about me at Please feel free to use this article however you wish! God bless! ;)
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