Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Is This YOU? Want To Follow Your Chosen Path, Got Lost In The Money Maze?

Money Maze? You know, that transition between the college 'you' who was about to save the planet and do your Life Work, follow your dream, not get sucked into earning a crust...

And then you awoke some years later, sometimes 70 years later, and thought, "Hello, where did I go? What happened to the real me?" You succumbed somewhere along the path to burying your self in money cares: who will pay the rent/mortgage? What job can I take that pays the most? I better wear my hair so as to always make a good first impression. And funnily enough, the scruffy avant-garde care nothing dreamy college you settled into the everyday pattern of the dull grey "normal" adult world! Oh, it wasn't going to be you for long! Then someone came along, and children, and dogs, and relatives...

So suddenly you yawn, stretch, prise open your weary eyes...and behold, the LIGHT! Well this is just what has happened to me today! Not that I in any way conform to the grey picture I just painted you! I have never met someone, no children, no dogs, until five months ago no relatives...wear my hair as and when, wear whatever, go to work one day a week, stay at home working and researching online...Life's a peach! But I still walked under a cloud! Couldn't see my way out of the paper bag regards my piano playing - what to do?

Now I have found an answer! And you can too!

I have long thought that with the new global power of communication the world wide web has opened to us all who can access a computer, surely if you could find 2 elements and mix them you could start your own career revolution! With the price of oil soaring, as you well know, some bright sparks are looking at an alternative fuel: water! H2O. But the first step towards this was the creation of HHO, a remarkable gas produced by combining the 2 elements, hydrogen and oxygen in a different ratio. I was learning about this on YouTube a couple of days ago.

It's funny how things come around. What you desire is out there somewhere, who knows where? You will never find it by doing your every day routine. You have to break out, even say just one evening a week and decide to try something new. In the last 48 hours I have made a number of connections which led me to important new discoveries all because I allowed my thoughts to focus yet wander freely. I tap a search key phrase into Google and within minutes am locating websites and blogs about other things, yet things which hold my interest.

Perhaps this is what Napoleon Hill refers to in several of his chapters in his all time classic book, Think And Grow Rich! The answer is out there on the ether, it's like your mind has the capability to "tune-in" like a radio wave and CONNECT to the thing you require or desire and by a series of seemingly unrelated steps to CONNECT with your desired object. Personally I am a sceptic when it comes to people: I'm not someone who finds people! But now thanks to a blog post I just read, which in turn inspired me to write this, I find a way of reaching out into the known world and projecting my will towards the agent who will one day create my world class piano recital career! Haha! But also serious. LET ME SHARE THIS WITH YOU NOW!

The blog is called Eric's Tips and Eric is a thoughtful young man with more in his heart than the accumulation of money! Here you will find the AMAZING story of a creative person who sets herself FREE from the MONEY MAZE by connecting two online biggies to enable her to live Life at her pace. That's what all artists and musicians and poets cry out for, but are so often tragically smothered in the day-to-day nitty gritty of facing angry landlords and distraught bank managers! (I long ago learnt to ignore them)! This artist is called Valentina, read her story for yourself, meet her on video, and most of all, let her story sink in! Do you know a struggling artist, poet or musician? Let them into this amazing path of discovery also, and God Bless You!

The 2 well known media Valentina connects for herself are YouTube and eBay. You probably have a digital camera or camcorder that could do video, or know someone who has. Homemade is best of all: homemade video, I mean, a bit amateur feel, makes your audience sympathize and connect better, I think. Anyway, go to it, make this dream come true for yourself, or help a friend in need to escape from the MONEY MAZE!

Here she is: Valentina, artist and marketer extraordinaire! Take time to get to know her through her videos here, her unique story might just change your Life today, as it just has mine! Click and discover a new world of creativity!

And if you are musical you might also like to hear the story of a very talented young gospel pianist and marketer called Jermaine. Here is his link: Click Here To Read How A Young Gospel Pianist Has Made Millions In His Twenties Through His Talent, His Determination, And The Incredible Power Of Communication Leverage The Internet Provides Us!

I know you will find these stories inspiring, and remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so that said, I'm off now for a cuppa and some piano composition (I play around a chord like A minor and doodle with any ostinato [repeating bass pattern], and try out rhythmic and melodic ideas, it's called Improvisation, but all the great classical composers, that's essentially how they created their music, although some of the world's most famous melodies came into the composers' minds on a quiet walk in the evening. Another example of Napoleon Hill's philosophy! See if YOU can delve into the "ether" to CONNECT with your desired solution! Expect!

That's what the whole of human experience is, CONNECTION, making connections between folk. Those who perfect the art of subduing their own ego and master the immense power of connecting with people on that person's level truly succeed in Life - this is the Midas Touch: not to turn every object into gold, but to turn every connection into harmony!

I'll be back in a bit to share with you some of the fantastic resources I have discovered in the last 8 hours online (you can make a whole 2 extra days a week by not going to sleep for a night, say Sunday, and then again, say Wednesday: your body soon adapts)!

Chus, Louise :) http://www.zowoco.com/

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