Saturday, 19 April 2008

My NEW All-Out Approach To Blog Promotion At zowoco!

Just a quickie!

I have been thinking about my long-term aims regarding what I do and what I promote, and particularly HOW I promote online, and have concluded that my ultimate strategy is to develop what I want to call "zowoco marketing"!!!

What is zowoco marketing? My own brand of marketing online!

Which is? Gradually through this blogsite I intend to research inexpensive and highly effective means to promote domains leading to affiliate promotions. High traffic volumes, to my mind, precedes all else online. If you have the 100% confidence that you can always build a huge traffic stream to any domain you set up online, how is that going to affect your business approach?

For me it means simply - at the domain gaining so many hits daily: provide an unbeatable offer your visitors will buy! A highly targeted traffic stream hits a domain you own and promote: what do they want? In any niche, the one thing they are certain to want is top quality information. So supply before they buy!

In fact, if you want to be 100% certain just exactly what your visitors want, well, you could just place a quick questionnaire thus: "Thankyou for visiting xyz site. Please help us to best help you: what do you require?" Give a multiple choice or ask "What exactly were you hoping to find on this xyz site?"

Does that sound crazy to you? But indeed it is the ultimate market research!

So I believe, you see, it matters not what your site offers, marketing on the internet is a numbers game, pure and simple. You can only ever interest, much less sell to, a percentage of your daily visitors. If that percentage is 1% then you will need more than 100 daily visitors to average one sale a day. I want more than one sale a day, I can tell you!

But I'm happy with 1% if I get 100,000 visitors to my domain daily. Because that is 1000 sales. If I clear only $20 per sale in profit, for whatever I sell, I make $20 x 1000 which is $20,000. Do you think I will be happy with $20,000 profit daily? Certainly, because I then know I have built myself a system which I can duplicate time and time again within different niches online. So the possibilities are endless!

The point about zowoco marketing is, I will be achieving all these results in the public eye, in other words, as I implement each new marketing tactic over the coming months, I will write about my progress here. And it is all FREE of charge for you! I will also be recommending products and services which I use to create these reults, and you can consider whether these might also work for you. You see, I truly believe there is room online for everyone to create residual wealth through building a successful business model.

So my aim is to introduce you to good online business models, and then to encourage you how to build these to become profitable. In other words, how to direct targeted traffic to your site once it is up and running. You can have a beautifully designed website or blog, but no hits means no sales which means no profits! And I pay my bills, buy new cars, and fill my wine cellar with PROFITS! So for me online business may be equated: huge traffic = sales = profits = success.

Huge traffic = sales = profits = success

I like to keep everything simple so I am now directing traffic here via

Let's explode our traffic volumes and create a broad yet focussed new concept online: welcome to zowoco marketing!

Lots of goodies next post!
Cheers, Louise xxx
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Miranym said...

Hi Louise, thanks for commenting on my post at

I've replied to your comment, so feel free to drop by and check it out.

zowoco said...

Well howdy, miranym! I live in the Uk but some of my friends here regularly visit New York, aye we can't resist your shopping!

zowoco said...

Blogging is an ever evolving art and recreation! Some folks want to explore their inner feelings, others provide a photo diary for their far flung relatives, others commercialise, still others journalise.

Self publish at the speed of your typing skills! Plug & go. Share your day with the world at large!

Today I read a great blog (read about it in my Wed 7 May post) which made me think how great it will be when bloggers really socialise and interact and ad swap and article swap and comment swap!

I love randomly searching for blogs and commenting on them. The world becomes my oyster! If only blogging was around ten years ago! Let's make up for lost time! Blog>web 2.0>Blog!

Please feel free to comment here and advertise YOUR blog URL so we can visit and comment for you! Best of British (&worldwide) Blogging! :)