Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Zowoco Marketing Blog Excels Again In Providing You With The Top Tools & Tips For Online Business Success - All FREE Or Real Low Cost!

I have a great offer for you today! It is a FREE ebook. You see the ebook here? I want you to download this ebook now for free and I want you to read and enjoy! Because this is an up-to-the-minute product, you get complete give-away rights with it, you can promote it at your own blog or website, and BEST OF ALL, you can even gain a commission when someone buys a recommended product from this. What is it about? You can read! Download it, read it, pass it on!
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Here at ZowocoMarketing.com I strive to offer you only the very best products with excellent cutting-edge graphics (I am also an artist!), a real deal to offer, low cost solutions to help build your income online, reviews of products I am using day to day, and plenty of give-aways you can download and take away to enhance your site. Keep reading because I frequently post, at least three times weekly, sometimes six posts or more!

Here is another terrific offer for you:-

Do you long to have a smart website for yourself already designed for you with lots of hot products to sell and a ready-to-go shopping cart? Real products, rather than earning Adsense revenue? I have got together with the creators Chris Jackson and Nick Marks to release this incredible ready-to-go products website for you TODAY! Here you will be able to sell $$$$ of dollars' worth of products online and the very BEST NEWS IS, you won't have to ship any of them! This is no tired jaded offer you have seen a hundred times before: this is the works!

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You can actually download a fabulous version of this ready-to-go business website for yourself completely FREE of charge on the above link, but I'll be upfront and honest with you: when you see the added benefits of the low monthly cost of the paid website option, I think you'll want to go with that. Because you know what I always say: you put something into building your online business, you'll reap the rewards BIGTIME! Anyway, don't delay, check it out right now. Very impressive package and I am pleased to promote this website business (at incredibly low cost, or even FREE!) today!

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Well, that is 2 excellent resources I have for you today, let's see, what else have I have this last weekend? I am going to create a Mall of really useful resources this week in the LH bar here for both US and UK readers, and I even have one or two German offers! I have German ancestry and look forward to visiting Germany this summer to piece our family history all together, so I am learning German. And I thought a great easy way to improve would be to make some links with German traders, email them in German, and keep up! Watch out for those!

I have visited a website/blog today which put some key elements regarding keyword placement to best optimize your articles for Google, along with some concise answers on many internet marketing problems that may perplex you. So I'd like to link to this now: pop over and have a look, and while you are there, put a comment or two on the posts with your URL signature. This will boost your search engine rankings and therefore your traffic because this is a top ranking site itself. I don't know how recent the posts are, but I visit over 50 new blogs daily, and this one impressed me.

There you are, not the most recent, but a great theme! How to build traffic to your blog. This deals with more technical questions than I cover here at zowoco marketing.

By the way, I have been buying a few domains to redirect traffic to affiliate links I have which have rather long clumsy links - I want a short punchy domain I can trip off the tongue! I wanted a seller who would provide top service, have extremely competitive rates, and take paypal! I found http://www.namecheap.com/ I know everyone has a webhost to recommend but I really found these cheap, quick, easy, and very helpful prompt customer service. Read their forums to get help because someone will have had your problem before and it is all in there!

Domain name registration at namecheap.com for $9.29

I have just redirected a domain I have owned for ten years (!) to my paydotcom affiliate link: I MUST recommend you breeze on over and check these out because they have so many top products for you to sell for FREE and lots of affiliate friendly banners and gadgets. You can gain a lot of commissions with paydotcom and you can even promote their products from a banner and possibly an article on an Adsense template website you may run.

First my redirect domain in action (I'm so fond of this domain, it's my golden-oldie!):-


And now 2 links well worth checking out for FREE (yes!) excellent presentation new Adsense template websites - click on both and compare what they offer you. http://www.passion8success.com/ for FREE websites new every month! Lots of tools to help you succeed. And click here for the second Adsense templates offer, FREE of charge: set up and run today!

I am sure you'll find these useful links to build your business online FREE or at extremely low cost. You really don't have to know anything in advance, these sites have it all and will gladly explain everything to you. And they have marketing and promotion tools to start you selling straight away! Talk about business in a box! I only recommend and endorse here at zowoco marketing the products, websites and services I personally use to create income online.

Here is something quite different, rather like a worldwide classified ads pages. They are local to you, including London in the UK. I have found the discussion forums useful here. A FREE resource where you can recommend your products or things you have found useful, all with backlinks to you at your website/blog. There are so many forum subjects I am sure you will find some you can open threads in! The link is simply http://www.craigslist.org/

And to help you understand the key concepts of craigslist, because it looks quite different to any site you've seen before, I have gotten this free ebook you can download! (I found lots of FREE resources including opt-in box scripts and website graphics at a site called http://www.six-bucks.com/ There is a ton of useful stuff here, and here is a shortcut to some downloadable tools you will find supreme:


This is the link you need to click here to download Anders Eriksson's "CRAIGSLISTS PROFITS BLUEPRINT" which teaches you all you want to know about making money for FREE at craigslist! I will be putting this valuable FREE ebook (which carries Give-Away Rights for you) on my LH sidebar here at zowoco marketing blog. And keep a watch out for more and more amazing resource, secrets, and top tips FREE downloads over the coming weeks! I want this to be the absolute TOP packed to bursting dynamic marketing and online business strategies blog on the internet! Your One Stop Shop (where things are FREE!) for all the tools and tips you require to succeed MASSIVELY online.

Because I want to say right here, and listen good now: I don't deal negativity at zowoco. I only do POSITIVE ATTITUDE at zowocomarketing.com

And that means you won't be hearing me saying any gunk like "you can't do this, you won't succeed in that, this is old and dying..." Listen, nothing is old and dying, and I certainly ain't! And nor are you! To succeed in a simple template style business online you just have to source the best tools to succeed! And that is what I provide here, day by day, week by week. We will crack the code and win hands down to create an exciting and hugely profitable web income here because I only recommend the best cutting-edge materials for you! The ones I use myself!

I do believe that getting your attitude right is the key to your online success. Believe > Receive > Achieve! If you don't succeed it won't be for lack of tools, tips and know-how! Just keep reading this blog regularly! And if any of my product or program or website recommendations help you, then leave a comment with your URL clearly visible within your comment, please! I actively encourage you to share your website with us. I don't want your sales pitch: just say what you found useful and a link to your URL. A short sentence or two. And I will check out what you have to offer and come over and do a joint venture with you! Because we are all in this together, right? I want more traffic, you want more traffic. Check it out, guys!

Well, I've been very busy researching these last three days and I have a ton of other tools for you but they can wait a day or two while I focus on building my Malls for you. I didn't go to the wedding after all. A real shame but I felt sick on Friday and Saturday so I got to and researched like crazy for you! As always! Never a day goes by but I've got my head stuck in a marketing ebook. I don't agree with these so-called "hands-off" auto-pilot sites. I mean, you may like them, but me, I LOVE this stuff! Love finding the latest best solutions to building a website business and driving huge traffic to it. Love it! And if your passion isn't in it, what is?

One last resource for you today, then! This is a monthly membership program I subscribe to access the best flexible Adsense websites. It's around $15 per month cost. All the tools you could want, lots of benefits. Find out for yourself! http://www.passion8adsense.com/

Name says it all, right? Catch you later! I have some magnificent traffic generation tools to share next post, but right now I want to ask you to take the time to visit all my links in this post! Put the work in: You Reap What You Sow! Never a truer word spoken.

Thanks for reading, all the best!
Louise xx http://www.zowoco.com/
Zowoco Marketing - You know it makes sense!

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I hope you will find plenty of marketing tools & tips here to keep you going for one week! I want to focus on each download here in my blog posts this week so as to maximise the potential for high search engine rankings.

As I explode my profits through increased traffic volume, I will share with you each tactic, tool and technique I use along the way.

I want YOU to be successful! In turn your recommendation will bring increased traffic to my site. And you too can implement these strategies at your site!

Live and learn: they do say if you would learn a subject, teach it! I want to learn how to quickly turn around massive traffic volume for any niche site free of charge!

Using cunning under-the-radar strategies to creep up the search engine rankings day by day! Until I hit the number 1 spot, then I will duplicate my success.

Duplication of a system you build in business is the most powerful leverage of your time and efforts.
Keep reading, I'll keep posting and researching! zowoco xx