Saturday, 3 May 2008

zowoco marketing hits new traffic targets and discovers how YOU too can drive hundreds of visitors to your websites daily!

Have you wondered why there is such an enormous gap between websites that make a few bucks a month online and those that take in many thousands of dollars? Have you ever really pondered the difference between what one is doing that the other isn't? I mean, all other things being equal - a decent layout, good graphics, tight copy, etc...

What's the difference?

Let's look at it like this. Pretend your website is a 7-11 or Circle K convenience store on the main throughway in town. Maybe a couple hundred cars a day pass by you, and out of those, say, 50 stop. Now let's look at the competition. Their store is located on the freeway: Thousands of cars pass daily, and the result? Hundreds of customers visit and they buy.
You got it!

This seems like common sense but I'm gonna tell you right now, if you're not the store on the freeway with thousands of cars driving by daily, you need to hear this...
Time and time again I see Internet Marketers, even the experienced ones, making the same mistakes, over and over.
They design a killer product, put up a beautiful website, have some kick-ass copy written, buy a little PPC advertising, and then wait for the doors to blow off.
Can you guess what happens next?
That's right - crickets chirping in the darkness. Nothing.
The site's like a ghost town. You can almost see the tumble-weed rolling down the street.

The Difference is Traffic!
Traffic is Easy when You Know the Way...

*Would YOU like 10 thousand visitors every month to YOUR website?

*Just IMAGINE what sort of online business YOU could build with this amount of traffic volume!

*IMAGINE how busy YOUR website will be, what YOU can offer!

*YOU will feel so great when YOUR website is BUZZING! When YOUR business, YOUR opinions, YOUR ideas are at THE HUB of what is going on online!

*And it all begins with building the visitor volume YOU need for a great successful marketing business with enormous potential for high sales volume and gigantic profits!


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Let me introduce you to the marketer who will lead you where others only dream of! And week by week, I will keep this blog posted with my new success in building massive traffic, both for this website and others I will be putting together, too. And, of course, please feel free to leave a comment here on zowoco marketing ( about your own success, or any questions you have about generating traffic, visitor volume, converting leads to sales, backend sales and joint ventures! Together we stand, together we succeed. Here is the link to skyrocket your profits and online success!

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