Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Blog Marketing: a new niche?

Marketing aimed especially at bloggers who want to build a readership: will this become a specific niche of internet marketing?

Today I was reading an interesting and thought provoking post on a blog aimed at challenging the blogger who wants to grow their readership and make money.

Click on the link to read the post. It is entitled "How To Have An Influence On Your Niche"
and outlines ten ideas to build your blogging business experience, all of which you will find useful and thought-provoking. I will highlight the ten concepts here and let you go over and read the blog post yourself.

1. Focus on quality of content
2. Read and comment on other blogs
3. Write guest posts for other blogs
4. Participate in social media (such as
5. Participate in forums
6. Write follow ups to posts from other bloggers
7. Launch a community aspect to your blog (eg a forum)
8. Hold a group writing project
9. Network with other bloggers in your niche through email
10. Advertise on other blogs in your niche.

I will refer back to this list in the future as I implement my zowoco online work at home based business online income blog here! Immediately, the two concepts I like best are "Write guest posts" - I can see a great future for blogging if we can all be more interactive, rather in the way ezine and newsletter authors do ad-swaps and write endorsement letters and articles for one another. Let's put the "social" into social media!

And I love the concept of buying ads space on other blogs in your niche. So basic. But had you thought of that? Do you know, this effective post on an amazing marketing blog called is by Adnan from the UK who is still in high school! Check it out and be sure to click on "comment" because there you can access other excellent posts you will find useful and enjoy! All the best!

Louise xx

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