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Article Submission By Hand To Boost Your Online Credibility And Skyrocket Your Profits Through Massively Increased Website Visitor Numbers!

I am currently expanding the number of websites I regularly submit articles to and as I add new ones to my list I will tell you, and eventually I will publish a list here of the article submission sites I always use. The more articles you write and submit, the more you will become known as an expert with something to say, around the net. And that will drive your traffic volume right up!

Today I wrote a fairly lengthy article on generating FREE traffic to your website or blog by ranking highly in the search engines. So here it is! The main trouble I have with writing articles is, are you allowed to put links in, or any domain names? Because often when I want to highlight something, I want to send the reader to a website to illustrate what I mean. No article can be completely self-contained, after all! In general, it is probably wise to avoid hyperlinks as some sites allow these, and others do not, but freely include domains as you wish.

An example would be: if I include http://zowoco.blogspot.com/ this is a hyperlink, but I could talk about zowoco, zowoco marketing or the zowoco blogspot and leave the reader to find these in Google search, or I could include zowoco.blogspot.com as the domain. The hyperlink is the URL; take off http or www. and you have the domain, do you follow?

Anyway, here is my submitted article which I include here because it puts across the sort of marketing techniques I aim for, and because you can read it as an example of an article you could submit: obviously change the subject to suit. I submitted this to http://www.ideamarketers.com/
The title I used has already escaped me! So here is something like!

Why You Are Not Yet Achieving The Traffic Volumes Online You Desire And How You Can Go About Fixing This So As To Attract High Volumes Of Unique Visitors In Just 3 Weeks!

Hi! I'd like today to highlight the crucial reasons why YOU are not yet achieving the traffic volume you want for your website or blog. The answers may surprise you! Then we'll turn your situation around and show how you can bring a high volume of unique visitors to your URL!
Here are the top three reasons why you are not achieving the traffic volume you want:-

1. Your content quality is low
2. Your content is not specific to one niche subject
3. Your content does not contain enough keywords and key phrases relevant to your theme.

Did that surprise you? Just as in property the maxim is location, so in web positioning, the maxim is content. This is what sabotages your efforts online: low quality content. And what EXPLODES your traffic volumes online: high quality relevant content! Let's sink this in:-


That is what biases your website or blog in or out of favour with the search engines, especially Google. Google is looking for high quality content with frequent keywords and key phrases throughout your content which pertain to the relevance of your niche subject. So if you are promoting a website about dogs and the content is mainly about your last holiday, your ranking plummets! Keep to the point. Be informative. Give the search engines what they require, top quality RELEVANT content!

I write a blog with regular posts on business solutions which will help anyone who desires to start an online business but lacks time or money or simply wants to discover the most cutting-edge value for money options. The page lengthens as I post and so the search engines love to scent out my content! For me, content is the printed text that comprises my post within the blog. So if I create an article about increasing your website's traffic volume, then I want relevant content with keywords to impress the search engines that my blog deserves the highest rankings!

Don't forget, there is more than one way to skin a cat! If you can't rank highly under a competitive keyword like "Dog" then perhaps your website CAN do well with a key phrase like "Canine Behaviour" - have a good long think about alternative angles for marketing what makes YOU and YOUR WEBSITE or blog truly unique! Don't throw good money after bad on pay-per-click advertising: if you are honest, has it ever really worked for you? I sank $800 into Google AdWords before I decided it was time to look at FREE solutions to driving visitors to my blog! Out of that $800 (I was advertising Clickbank niche products such as Guitar Tuition Courses and Dog Training manuals) I made zero sales! I got plenty of click-throughs, so my ad copy was fine. It's just that either the product wasn't relevant or the prospect did not want to part with their cash!

Many people are still looking for all the solutions online to be FREE. I believe you get what you pay for, and if you pay nothing, then what you get is worth just that! So when I want a solution to an online problem I have, then I check out what who has to offer, consider several different approaches and go with the one that seems to actually work the best! And if it is low priced, so much the better, but if not, then I believe it will be worth the price tag.
OK, so how are we going to turn your situation around so that for $0 and a little time you are going to achieve such high visitor volume you will need to increase your bandwidth and find something else to sell these people as a backend sale!? Your first crucial option is to take a good hard look at your website itself:-

1. What exactly are you trying to offer?
2. What does it actually come across that you are offering?
3. What is, for you, the PRIMARY purpose of your website?
4. What, in fact, is the main thing your website actually achieves to the few people who visit?

Do they look round then leave? Do you have quality content like video or articles or reviews that will make them hang around? Will they want to return? Do you have something that will ensure they return daily? How often do you update your homepage? Is it really relevant and up-to-the-minute? Do you have a good offer? The best offer? Do you even have anything to offer? Do you have products or services to sell? Have you written good quality information about these within your site? Do your graphics and pictures match your over all look? What image does your website project? Is everything congruent? Do ALL your links work? Do ALL your graphics and pictures load? And MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: are you capturing the names and email addresses of all your visitors through an opt-in subscription box?

Take a look at your presentation, get everything matched up, fit that all-important Opt-In box or pop-up onto your homepage so you can find out both what your visitors are looking for and what they want, and then focus on achieving high search engine rankings and high volume traffic. Remember: you don't want every monkey and his dog to arrive at your site: you want targeted traffic: people who are genuinely interested in what you supply. And don't forget, if you don't have anything to sell, how are you going to make sales, let alone a profit?

My favourite angle to internet marketing is simply: don't bombard your prospects with things to buy, instead offer them solutions to problems.

The way I achieve this is, if I have a website where I am primarily attempting to sell one item such as an ebook, I first create a blog or a content-only site where the visitor can read information on the item's benefits or even a long but subtle sales letter full of entertaining stories on why this item will solve the reader's problem, then I ask them to click on a link which takes them to the item sales page. At one point I will have collected the prospects email address and name. After page one it will be qualified prospects who opt-in (enter their details), after the sale, it is qualified buyers. Which do you want?

Because most marketers are being very aggressive right now and expecting a visitor to enter their details for nothing other than to gain access to their homepage which is usually just a long sales letter. I don't go with this aggressive approach at all: it turns me right off! So take the time to decide what you are aiming for and how you will achieve this!

Have you plugged in to the exciting new online development called Web 2.0? Read my blog for news of what this is and how you can harness its immense power to SKYROCKET YOUR PROFITS! You will also be well rewarded by writing articles on your niche subject because you are then literally FLOODING the web with your website or blog's identity which will build your reputation! If everyone has heard of you, chances are they will visit your site! You will also be creating valuable links because the next big reason for high ranking in the search engines after content, is links to popular and relevant sites. Next, consider writing an informative report about what you do, or provide a unique solution to a problem, and format it as a pdf file. Offer this to website owners, bloggers, from your own site and to ezine publishers as a freebie they can give away to their own visitors. Be sure to include at least one link back to your website or blog!

This will keep you occupied for some weeks, and will prove very rewarding as you watch your search engine rapport grow: search on keyword phrases you are working on promoting under and see how day by day your number of entries grows! People will soon be flocking to see what this newcomer has to say or to offer or to sell, and before long you will no longer be new, but an established internet marketer with a story of your own to tell! Good luck and may I wish you all the best! I am easily found if you Google search me under "zowoco" and do be sure to visit my zowoco blogspot where I not only cover this whole traffic solution in depth but also provide links to websites that can really benefit you! New solutions being added daily so look in reularly at zowoco blogspot, thanks! Louise x

To summarise this post I want to say, don't hand over any money for article submission! There are more than enough quality websites around where you can register for FREE and submit for FREE. Try to write an original article for each one, even if it is only a twist on a subject you frequently write on! You can always copy and paste from one to another if you wish. I prefer to focus on getting my high quality content published all around the web, which is more likely with a new article each time as I will touch new keywords and target even more searchers!

Soon I will be highlighting an inexpensive but extremely valuable software tool which will take a lot of the hard work out of article submission for you, and that part is in fact only one of the bonuses offered with this incredible new SEO (search engine optimization or getting your site ranked highly) software. Meanwhile if you can't wait, here is the link for that! It may be a touch higher than your usual price range, but just look at all you get for the money! Hard to beat! As always, you get what you pay for in Life, so if you are keen, dedicated to your online success and want to take your income to the next ten levels,

then click here right away to preview the cutting-edge software package that is taking the internet by storm and can and WILL project YOUR website or blog to the very top of the search engine rankings for your chosen keywords and key phrases. Verifiable results: past purchasers are now coming in at number 1 for even such competitive keywords as marketing! Check out how this fantastic true solution can skyrocket YOUR website TRAFFIC VOLUMES: your online earnings will never be the same again! Don't hold back, go for number 1! Click here NOW to discover HOW!

Hope you find these ideas really useful! Here's to your long-term internet success: BRAVISSIMO AMIGOS!

By the way, feel free to use that article above in any way you wish, just provide a link back to me here at http://zowoco.blogspot.com/, or mention me as the author and that I write at zowoco.blogspot.com, thanks a lot! :)

Cheers, Louise http://www.passion8success.com/

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