Thursday, 15 May 2008

How To Boost Your Ebay Store Traffic Visitor Volume Massively!

Do you have an ebay shop or store? Selling well? Would you like to drive more people there yourself or just let ebay take control of your business and profits?

How can you promote your store yourself outside of ebay?

Here is the post I wrote today on my ebay blog. It opens a new train of thought for me! Have a read and then I will leave you to comment and add your own ideas!

Do you want more people visiting your ebay shop? More than the numbers you get from ebay searchers only?

It is time to take control of your ebay store business and focus on driving online visitors straight from Google search and Yahoo to your store, rather than to ebay itself!

A little extra time spent on this daily will soon pay off big dividends for your profits!

The way to do it is this: go to blogger or wordpress and begin your own blog. It could be about ebaying, how to keep 100% feedback or how to source cheaper goods at wholesale, it could be funny stories of selling or a forum where ebayers exchange views! The possibilities are endless, and ebaying is a very popular subject worldwide.

The other thing is to blog about the niche market interest your store specialises in. So for example, if you sell camping equipment you could blog about campimg, campsites, routes, hiking, camping equipment, again a big list of possibilities. Talk about the products you sell on ebay and feature a product of the week.

Lead people from your blog to your ebay store. If you can provide interesting useful information on your blog then people will be glad to come and see your store. Provide a link straight to your store front from each and every post on your blog.

I bought a redirection URL to help people find my ebay store easier:
You could try this, too, and link the name into your blog name, so for instance I could have

The next thing is to take time each day to promote your blog and get traffic visitors to read it and then link to your store! I discuss this blog marketing approach in my online marketing blog called

Keep up-to-the-minute, look around, never be afraid to try anything new! You will find having a blog outside of ebay can really boost your ebay selling. Good Luck! :)

So, what do you think? Have you ever seen a blog that truth to tell, is devoted solely to promoting a blogger's ebay store items?

This is something that came to me today and I like the concept of creating a marketing blog to promote my ebay shop. I just need to find some products of international interest to stock in my ebay shop! Have a look for yourself at

You can read the original blog post there, and may I recommend you read my About Me page on eBay? Thanks! I want you to consider this and see if you too can profit more easily in this way from ebay? Great marketing success online! Cheers,

Louise (aka Zowoco)

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