Friday, 16 May 2008

Success Motivation Can Inspire You For Life!

Zowoco Marketing is all about Success Motivation!

You too can motivate yourself for Success in every area of your Life! There are sixty seconds in every minute: what good is it going to do YOU to be miserable or thinking negatively in any of those sixty seconds? Train yourself to think positively in every situation and accept nothing less than total Success Mentality from Yourself!

End knee-jerk reactions! Enjoy complete control over your temper. Have fantastic relationships! Enjoy the views of people you meet without forcing your personality upon them! Learn to listen constructively. No one else is YOU, no one is much like you and thank goodness for that, eh? Just accept that people are different: they are neither good nor bad, they are just different.

Start to think in a neutral stance about everything around you and all that happens to you. It probably wasn't anyone's fault: it just happened. Something has to happen. It did. You can cope! Go for a long walk to shrug it all off, or watch a favourite comedy, or dip into a warm foamy bath! Things just happen, people are themselves: stop taking everything so personally. Why should it all affect you? Just let it ride.

Just let it ride!

Once you can take onboard the "Just Let It Ride" philosophy you are ready to start thinking positively! Be optimistic. Good things can happen. Especially if you start looking out for them! See silver linings instead of clouds. See the parts of people's personalities that please you, that are in tune with your own, that you admire. Be cheerful. Sing a bit. Life's not so bad! It's not that bad. It's not as bad as you think it is. Even if it is all bad, determine that today is going to be a little brighter! Just a shade, say!

You can make your own luck by developing a pleasing personality. Accept other people for what they are. Smile with them. Avoid the people you really don't like, or don't get on with. Be good natured and good humoured. Maybe today is quite a nice day! Maybe the people around you quite like you! Maybe you can do a little good here and there? Help someone? Listen to someone's troubles? Empathize? Other people have clouds too!

So what is Success Motivation and how can it turn YOUR LIFE around?

Develop yourself a Purpose in Life! Aim to achieve that! Decide to be a little more tolerant today in your attitude towards the people around you. Laugh a little. Sing a little. Smile. Go out of your way for someone. Buy somebody a gift. Do something unusual. And go for a walk alone to think about your strengths and weaknesses, what you want to achieve this week, what you aim to achieve this month, maybe! Get to know yourself. Decide to be. Become. Whom? What?

I like to encourage a person to feel achieved about what they have done so far in Life. I like to encourage this person to move always towards the things they want, like, what makes them feel happy, what next they want to achieve for themselves. To gain ever greater goals outside the bog-standard of feeding, clothing and housing oneself. Do you like art? Music? Nature? Travel? Join a new society and learn something new. Meet new different people. Quit shooting your mouth off or feeling angry! Or if you can't, join your local political party!

Aim to enjoy a greater life than you have now: aim to be a greater person! Someone with Vision. Someone who sees! Someone who gets things done. Enjoy more. Set aside much more time daily for yourself and your interests. Be prepared to meet people who think differently to you! Accept them, they cannot be you! Only YOU can be you! Know thyself? Be yourself!

Determine to be the person you want to be, where you want to be, with whom you want to be, doing what you enjoy, as you like it! Why else? Sixty seconds filled with good feelings is a darn fine minute! And if you feel good, I guess you are thinking positively! Less cloud, more silver lining. Accept yourself. Accept others. Let it ride. Keep calm, balanced, serene. Eat strawberries! Drink mineral water. Be cool. The world keeps turning round no matter whether you rant and rave or just stay focussed!

Create a new business with great new ethics. Step where no one has gone before. Keep in credit. Be happy - grin! Go places. Throw out your wardrobe and start again. Make wine. Get a fantastic new car. Give to your favourite charity: donate the price of a holiday and feel good about it! Make a few extra people happy this week in little caring ways. Shout at a few less. Way to go! Invest more time in yourself and determine to slowly become the person you want to be.

Choose a new direction for your work. Be content with what you have done so far. Relax!

Get a grip! No owes you. You owe no one. Start out anew. Today is going to be different. Tomorrow is going to be different. You are going to take more time out to just plain enjoy yourself. Why not? What else were you planning? List the things you like, list all that you want to achieve some day and start out right away achieving some of these! Plan that holiday, buy the art supplies, the easel, learn to dance. Learn whatever, do whatever, go whatever, AND LET IT RIDE! Be motivated. You'll soon be successful too! Hey, you already are a Success! So grin a bit!

I say go on, try this! You say you cannot. I say, what is so good now in your Life you cannot change? Just grin a bit! You see, it not so bad! You have the power to change not only your Life but everyone around you. Think positively, see the silver linings, start to be really CREATIVE in every aspect of your Life, accept things, keep serene, go for it, be YOU!

Thanks for reading, all de best!

Louise xx
Success Motivator

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zowoco said...

Every burning ambition starts with a general dissatisfaction! ;)

Cmanlong said...

good quote