Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Create Yourself A Recession-Proof Income For Financial Stability And Self Assurance

Hi again! It has been an age since I sat I last sat down and typed a blog post here.

I have now moved to a small seaside resort on the South coast of England called Bexhill-on-Sea. My laptop has completely crashed and will have to be sent back to the manufacturer this week! So I have stopped for an hour in an internet cafe.

The vulnerability to internet and computer technology to hacking, crashing, viruses and wear and tear makes me somewhat cynical regarding entrusting one's efforts entirely online at present! Nevertheless, with the present credit-crunch and forthcoming recession situation I am very keen to create myself a new income which is entirely recession proof.

So I considered for some time: what British industries are never prone to recession? I decided the safest industry is the construction industry. There are so many jobs from garden design to architectural technician, plumber to insulation fitter, bricklayer to glazier. I attended a construction trade fair, spoke to every exhibitor and found some really useful contacts. I built up a picture of the opportunities available from apprenticeships to intensive courses; employment to self-employment and setting up your own business.

It is always a major challenge in anyone's life to opt for a radical career change, and I am female, 36 years! Yet I was constantly assured by the people with whom I spoke that many women in their thirties are turning to the construction industry, even securing apprenticeships with major employers. Google search for job opportunities, training opportunities construction and see what you can find: this could be the break YOU need right now if your current income is not enough.

I am particularly keen on an option I have discovered which allows me to combine training for a new trade with earning an NVQ level 2 (a vital trade qualification) and gives me the option to continue my piano teaching in the evenings too! May I recommend you www.bconstructive.co.uk
as a great British training forum. You will find this a helpful starting point. It is never too late to start afresh or change track: one of my piano pupils began piano at age 85 and is still enjoying lessons six years later! :)

So if your internet income is not yet matching your expectations, do consider looking into a career change fr yourself and taking some of your spare time to enjoy blogging! Be flexible, be hopeful, never give up and allow yourself some time to fully consider all the best options for yourself in all you do.

Can I recommend you take a little time to browse my blog posts here and click on some of the opportunity banners down the left hand side here? It will be a week or two now before I can easily resume regular blogging but I passionately believe in the products and services I promote here which I think will really help you begin to create residue online income!

Meanwhile I am building myself new income in the three dimensional world too: there is always a danger one relies too heavily on the "instant magic" of the enticing world wide web and becomes detached from the greater opportunities that exist in the REAL world outside!

It seems to me that no matter how technologcally advanced mankind becomes, no matter how increasingly dependent on telecommunications and electronics, the timeless human industries are ever a rock solid foundation for wealth: construction, building and property are still "safe as houses"!!!

Good Luck in your endeavours, never give up, never allow yourself at a loss: no matter what transpires pick yourself up and get out and about and look around you and start asking people questions "How can I?" "How do you?" "Is this?"


All the best this week!
Louise, aka Zowoco Marketing

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