Tuesday, 8 July 2008

British Recession Believed To Be Just Three Months Away: Safeguard Your Income Now!

When a major recession appears imminent all is not doom and gloom for you as an individual, even if the big picture is unhealthy for your work environment. Smile on through!

In recession which industries continue to do well? Get your work efforts and your investments there! Not everyone goes down during recession so ally yourself with the winners. The construction and property renovation industry stands to boom in this forthcoming financial climate. Multi millionaire property developers continue to place large contracts for construction companies and labourers.

As individual homeowners come under pressure to keep up their mortgage repayments during the gloom of rising living costs, static wages, and mass redundancy, inevitably many will fall by the wayside and lose their house to repossession. This is good news for the developers who pick up these properties at incredible bargain prices at auction as the banks and building societies are desperate to offload this burden and captalize at least some gain from the repossessed properties.

Can you make good here? Invest shrewdly in property development opportunities. Relocate your job to the construction trade! Take out your savings and buy property at auction. As property prices drop you get more bang for your buck. Hold and rent out: the property sector always rises in time. Most ultra wealthy persons have made at least some of their fortune through property in one form or another. Don't overlook the commercial property market!

This is a great time, no matter what your circumstances, to learn all you can about property: location, purpose, building, development, tenanting, reselling. Determine that you too will build your wealth through property this next decade. See what is available abroad, especially in the new EU countries. Once your legal team steer you through the language minefield you will soon discover a world of opportunity awaits: property abroad is much cheaper than here in the UK. Houses sell for half the UK value in the US. What does France, Bulgaria, or the former USSR have to offer?

My tiling course is proving good fun: I am now in my second week of (hopefully) six. I have tiled bathroom walls, a shower, flooring. I have become familiar with grout and adhesive and shaping tiles to fit awkward spaces. Now I will study more complex areas such as tiling on an angle and mosaic work. I want to buy a property so I can have fun tiling the bath and shower rooms now! Although I believe residential buy-to-let is 100% pain. Commercial property is the ballgame to get involved in. Tiling is my passport to a trouble-free strong income to ride the recession wave and create a strong financial backdrop for myself for the future.

You can find out more about this at www.alpinetiling.co.uk

Chus! Keeping you posted on recession-proof income and investing,
Louise aka zowoco xx

PS do you know of any UK based funding for trade courses or small business start-up? Please leave contact details as a comment as I will find this really helpful, thanks a lot :)

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Tejvan Pettinger said...

Good luck in your efforts to build a second income. I've found it to be one of the best financial decisions I made.