Thursday, 10 July 2008

Start Today: Set Aside A Part Of All You Earn To Secure Wealth For Your Future!

Today I was lucky to get into work: the road down to the training unit was closed off ten minutes later due to a huge fire in a furniture warehouse just yards from the Tiling factory where I am learning my new recession-proof trade!

There were 20 tenders from the Kent fire brigrade and 100 firemen to cope with what looked like a nuclear fall out. Meanwhile the sun appeared and I completed a kitchen wall mosaic of which I am very proud! Shifting from twenty years of music and teaching to a construction trade is challenging to say the least, especially to my sense of time keeping. All in a good cause, however: the betterment of my bank balance!

Well, I am a very expensive lass. Give me ten hours and I can spend my way through any fortune, indeed, several in just the one day...

So I am attempting to secure myself an income that to some extent keeps pace. Every now and then I take a ten minute break in my tiling and read a snippet from my all-time favourite wealth wisdom book "The Richest Man in Babylon" by George S. Clason. Get a copy from Amazon, you'll benefit greatly from this timeless classic first published in the 1920's.

A Part Of All You Earn Is Yours To Keep

Is the basic theory behind this wisdom. When you spend all that you earn in any one month, or, in this age of easy credit, more than you earn, then you rob yourself of the foundation of your future wealth. The book teaches you, chapter by chapter, to set aside a percentage of your income to invest. Because by investing (paying yourself) you will create incomes for yourself whereby your money makes money, as opposed to drawing income solely from your work efforts month after month, year after year.

Even if you can only set aside a tiny amount monthly the magic starts in the simple fact that you have firstly decided to actively DO something about your financial future, not just talk about it, and secondly you are training yourself to rely on your own efforts, not Lady Luck, and therefore you will begin to become aware of opportunities as they arise where you can make your money make more money. Eventually the growth of this set aside capital, no matter how small a beginning will grow your wealth, your family estate.

You are tempted to scoff this simple concept but every fortune through the ages had to start from a tiny seed! So start yours today! You never have enough from your present salary to buy all you desire, therefore it cannot hurt you to set a little aside. No excuses! The real secret lies in the fact that you have made a vital change of heart: you set yourself responsible for your future, you choose to become wealthy, to do what it takes, you begin to believe in your own abilities and you quit procrastinating. A subtle change takes place in the way you value yourself and the value you place on not only your money, your income, but in what it takes you to earn that income: the effort you put in! You quit waiting and begin commanding.

You begin to command that your money WORK FOR YOU! Earning interest, growing. Building wealth for your future. You place great value on your own self reliance. You expect great things from your Life, and you buzz with the excitement of seeing the things you truly desire begin to evolve for you. In effect, you take command of YOURSELF! And who else should? So today, set aside a small part of your earnings and determine that come what may, you will NEVER spend this amount, or any other you set apart: this is the seed of the capital that will surely build your wealth. Expect great things, be prepared for them.

I am going to make a habit each week of buying one item from the local classified ad paper and reselling it at profit. A small beginning, but a good starting point, one calculated to effortlessly grow a little capital for me to invest. At first the money will go into a 90 day account to minimize the likelihood of my spending it, then into a six month National Savings Bond, then into other profitable investments I choose. This takes my money through a system that places it further from my spending!

In a short while I will have a new SAVING habit established, and from there I will begin an INVESTING habit. I see saving as setting aside from spending, and investing as growing the money you save by attracting the awesome power of compound interest. Anyway, go grab yourself a copy of the book. And read it many times over. Believe in yourself. Who else is going to?

Catch you later,
Louise aka zowoco

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