Monday, 4 August 2008

Zowoco Marketing Takes it Easy for Summer 2008 Business Promotion!

Summer's here so get the deck chairs out!

I seem to be taking longer and longer between blog posts...I am still hovering the 250 miles between Wales and Sussex, and try my best, my ebay shop inventory seems to be partly in one place and partly in the other, and never where I want it! Well, I have been offloading some household bits at a local Boot Sale which isn't quite as horrific as it seems, especially if you are up for springing out of bed at 5am on a Sunday morning! It is a good place to give away some of my business cards for my new Tiling business which I am calling A1 Tile 4 Style.

I am also clearing out attics and cupboards for more golden oldie bits to sell at auction, online, at bootsales and through classified ads. Good to get rid of some flotsam! During August I aim to get out and about daily from 9am to 3pm travelling around the South East of UK putting my new Tiling business cards around in Tile shops, DIY, local shop windows, pubs, wallpaper shops...

Do you have any ideas for inexpensive advertising, promotion and marketing?

If so, leave a comment here, thanks!

Zowoco Marketing likes to cheapskate regarding business expense!

I have had some business card fridge magnets printed up to give each client so they know where to find me again and as a talking point for their visitors! Fun novel idea, I thought. They weren't expensive at 17p each!!

I had 5000 cards printed for £50 and was able to customize my own trendy design! You'll love these options. Why not get some cards printed up to promote your website or blog offline? You won't find cheaper on the planet.

Ok, I'm off for some liquid refreshment before I travel across the country again tomorrow! Keep checking into
for all the best online and offline promotion ideas for yoyur businesses! Have a great August and be sure to get out away from the computer screen and sample the sun! Chus!

aka Zowoco
Good Luck! :)

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