Friday, 26 September 2008

New Internet Marketing Business Strategies at Zowoco

Back to the grind! Summer over and the long haul up to the end of 2008 kicking in!

How do you feel? Nice and relaxed and focussed after a good holiday break, or just bloody knackered and disorientated?

I'm staggering in here somewhere between the two, I think! Time to step up the eBaying strategies running up to Consumermas (25 Dec)!! Time to restructure my ebooks and offers here at Zowoco Marketing. Time to blog anew and get back into the social networking rat race! Time to look at some quality advertising and online promotion opportunities. Time to surf for new deals, learn new stuff...instead of which I shall probably just kick my boots off and settle down with a long piping hot coffee and read "Hard Times"!!

Beat the credit crunch this fall by diversifying your income sources. Trust no one and boot Luck out the window: rely on your self! No one is going to do you any favours in a recession. Step up your advertising for your businesses, ask yourself key questions: "who is gonna buy my gunk?" "where are they, who are they?" "what do they read?" and get in there!

Advertising is not some expensive opportunity for you to look good on cheap paper! It is the key means of contact between you and whoever is to buy the gunk you offer. So get it right! If something isn't working figure out why, withdraw that source, ask yourself what will work and get onto something new. See your offer from the average punter's viewpoint: why would anyone want that??!! Offer something irresistable, get the pricing right, deliver on time, add some extras,'s all basic stuff!

I am currently making money offline with a variety of unambitious projects: delivering pizzas and takeaway food at the weekends for some easy cash-in-hand pocket money, teaching piano (which I'm rather damn good at), selling stuff out my loft (never seems to diminish!), and my new skill...tiling. I made a wonderful bodge of a bathroom this last week...plenty more bathrooms out there, I guess! When you consider every house has at least one bathroom and a kitchen and the odd floor, hey, that's a lot of tiling I can get to bodge up!

So I have to crack the code of where to advertise (who wants tiling done? What do they read?), then give a spot-on quote (difficult to predict correctly) which wins for me but appeals to the punter, then get the work done quickly and well, then - worst of all - actually collect the payment. And there you have it! Get all that in place and before you can say "Jolly Hockey Sticks" you should be getting work from recommendations from clients you've pleased in the past...easy, really? Now you try! It's a ruddy minefield.

But I'd rather keep hitting a brick wall running my own businesses than turn up at the right time in the right clothes with the right attitude for a "boss" figure. Coz that don't cut for me. And if you want to ride this marvellous "credit crunch recession 2008" then it ain't gonna cut for you either. Sure, you want to keep your current employment, well who doesn't (apart from me)? But get wise and start your own eBay biz, clear out your garage and loft, do some part time work, teach something you know to those who don't, start up a franchise opportunity, begin your own part time business even if all you can do is scrub, dogwalk or babysit, but just get the pennies rolling in and beat the so called credit crunch for yourself by adding to your income instead of overspending all the time (like we all do)!!

After all, you've only got yourself to blame!

Keep ya posted, Louise alias zowoco

PS: I've been offline so long this summer, eBay has busted me and I'm in hiding...hey, no telling!
Good Luck! :)

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