Sunday, 16 November 2008

Ebay self sabotage with sky high store fees - how to improve your seasonal sales with canny marketing promotions

Have you checked lately how much your ebay store is costing you in monthly fees?

Well take a look! Rhubarbrockstar was costing more per month in ebay selling fees than we were actually selling so it's time for a move back to the basic auction format! Perhaps you too can save by closing your shop and focussing on auctioning instead! Check it out.

This season bidders are flocking to online auctions to buy Christmas essentials from cards to decorations. What can you source at wholesale which you could auction on eBay and sell bigtime?

Don't miss out on the lucrative marketing sales rush up to Christmas even in the so-called credit crunch! Christmas spending is never in recession, I mean, do you really want to tell your friends "sorry guys but I need to cut back my spending..." No! Everyone will be spending bigtime this season on gifts and tableware so get yourself a pen and paper and jot down cool ideas of what you could be selling to maximise your profit potential in November and December this year.

It's not all doom and gloom!

Indeed, throughout the rest of any year we have to continually step up the marketing resources to convince folk to buy, buy again, keep on buying and tell their friends, but running up to Christmas no-one needs persuading to spend money! Just throw yourself in front of the annual spending stampede by figuring out what people want at what price, source it, sell it!

How do you cut through the multitude of competition for your product? Simple: ADD VALUE! Be the best offer for the best price by throwing something in free! And let your customers know you value them! Contact folk who spent with you this time last year. Offer them a loyalty discount or bonus.

Christmas is the great time of giving so regarding your marketing promotions you need to be giving added value constantly and not least in your overall customer service. Get folk to return and recommend YOU! Offer a unique package. Be the best!

No matter what you sell, you can close more sales this fall by offering more per dollar or pound than your rivals: put the giving back into Christmas!

Season's Greetings! Louise aka Zowoco
Zowoco Marketing
Good Luck! :)

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