Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009! How To Surf The Recession And Make Your Fortune Online!

Here's to a great new blogging year ahead folks!

I can't believe I last posted in November! I guess Christmas got in the way for my blogging!

Well, I'm going to be studying the serious art of profitable blogging this new year, 2009, and I intend to make myself a very good income online whether it takes me 2 blogs or 2009! Last year was a new approach for me: I relocated 250 miles to a different country, learnt the trade of tiling on an intensive training course, quit ebaying, almost gave up teaching piano, and discovered blogging...oh, and made a few pennies delivering for the local Chinese takeaway!

So what does 2009 hold in store? A new job for many UK citizens! For me, diversification of my income from art projects to construction projects, and freeing up more time to successfully blog.

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