Saturday, 10 January 2009

How to Turn Your Life and Finances Around in 2009 and Create Lasting Wealth Online and Offline! You can do it!

Now is the time to cast aside your Winter Blues and trust to your future!

I want to encourage YOU today to have complete faith in your ability to earn yourself a great new income for 2009 online. You may be a former F W Woolworths or MFI employee or have been made redundant from one of dozens of UK retail chain stores this January: well, don't give up, don't be despondent because with the extra time you have on your hands this January
and February YOU can start to create yourself a new home business online, on the internet, making cash at home, and yes, it is simple, it is possible and YOU CAN DO IT! And it won't cost you! In fact, you have nothing to lose but a few hours typing and all to be gained to secure your financial future anew.

How can I be so confident for you? Well, I appreciate this is a real hard time right now if you are out of work or on a low wage, because right now I am earning less than £300 a month from my piano teaching and some random takeaway delivering whilst I wait for some new year tiling contracts to blow my way!

And that is not enough money for me to live on, no way, so I know how it is for you! But I am taking the extra time I suddenly have to create a new online income that will grow and grow throughout 2009 and provide me a solid dependable lasting source of income and wealth.

So what is it I am doing? That YOU can too, right away now?

I could write you all about it here, but I want instead to direct you over to the real source of this dynamic new opportunity for YOU to cash in by creating yourself lucrative streams of online income. Read this letter and try out the product which I highly endorse: you have an 8 week money back guarantee if for any reason you are unhappy so you can't lose any money, and the price is rock bottom in any case. So here is the link to the most powerful yet simple to activate information YOU are going to need in 2009 to build your wealth longterm and provide yourself and your family a really excellent lifestyle. Sure, I have other cash generating formulas I will be sharing this month, so watch this blog, but today I want to recommend the ONE sure way to create lasting online wealth very cheaply.

Click Here! If you seriously want to create yourself a serious online income blogging in 2009!

Well, everyone can cash in after Christmas by selling a few unwanted presents and spare bits and pieces from around the home, and whilst this will not make you rich, nor create a lasting income source, it is the surest quickest method to generate a few £100's you can use to set up a small business for yourself, whether online or in the real world! Try your local ad rags, bring and buy sales, or best of all, sell your stuff on ebay!
It is fast and easy and if you are an avid collector in any specialist niches such as antiques, postcards, retro, comics, memorabilia, teapots or seventies toys etc, then this will prove a regular gold mine for you as I have found it very easy to buy cheaply in bulk and then split the lot up and resell at a good profit on ebay's auctions. I have sold children's books, shoes, antiques, collectibles, and toys. Go to ebay's community and look me up under "zowoco" to read my ebay marketing feedback of near 600. I will be launching a new ebay venture under a new pseudonym in 2009, selling new items. I can only say, there is no excuse for anyone not to make a few hundred quid selling things on ebay! Start putting together the household items you no longer use, books you never read, collectibles you no longer want, old records and CDs and you'll soon have a fine collection to auction! Go one step further and make a steady stream of income for yourself by buying items from your local free ads press and auctioning these online. All grist to the mill!

Takeaway shops from pizza to kebabs, Chinese to Indian, are seeking delivery drivers right now. As soon as I relocated to Bexhill-on-Sea I walked round the town centre and outlying areas and gave my name and mobile number to all the takeaway shops. Every week I have been delivering for various shops and still I have outlets I have not previously driven for ringing me from a little effort I expended six months ago. It's not glamourous, and you won't make more than around £30 for 4 hours work, but it fills my car with petrol to allow me the freedom during the week to go wherever I please to market my tiling, give quotes, and go out to meet people to teach piano.

In this slow economic meltdown crisis I suggest you put eggs in many baskets and source your weekly income from different sources as well as building yourself a real longterm income stream online. Wash cars, iron, walk dogs, put up shelves by all means: every £20 note is insurance against poverty! Do you know something you could teach others? Music, a language, chess, cooking, knitting, basket weaving, photography, watercolouring, golf, horse riding, surfing, internet, car mechanics? Chances are, whatever you know or enjoy as your hobby, there is someone out there wanting to learn! Surprise yourself: risk a little cash advertising in your local paper, a magazine, shop windows, a relevant shop, a church/community notice board, even online. Take on some students at say £30-£40 per hour or even run a class in the evenings! Five people paying £20 for a shared hour is £100 to you minus any costs which will be minimal. Slimming World is looking for consultants nationwide to run classes and I'm sure a great many other organisations are also.

Take time out to write down your skills, interests, work experience. How can you change things around for yourself? Focus on your hobby: if you enjoy gardening could you garden or consult or design landscapes? Or work part time at your local garden centre? Could you maybe get a sales rep job for a garden tools company or seed manufacturer? See yourself filling new opportunities and step out of the rut! You like reading? Could you sell books part time? Or write articles or short stories for magazines? Try it and see!

If you would like to earn a very good income this year by writing then I highly recommend you check out this link:-

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Start to think new possibilities and have faith in yourself to communicate in new markets.
I am enjoying a week relaxing in the Peak District. I am staying in a cottage in Cromford of Arkwright Mill fame and walking on the High Peak Trail. Today was foggy but such a brilliant thick hoar frost marking out every twig and blade, a faery world of crisp white every where! I love winter days like this! I drove over to Dove Dale, just above Ashbourne (where my eldest piano pupil was born in 1917!) and bought some big fat butcher's sausages in
Tissington. My yellow ka was reluctant to negotiate a long uneven ford but with much will power we made it across the icy shallows! "Nothing ventured, nothing gain" said I, and the sheep looked up in disbelief!

I have entered X Factor online (you can too, it's easy, just google search for X Factor entry form). That is a little unnerving: can I really sing? Can I sing and make a good impression? Who knows! Watch this blog space! Why don't you do something wacky for 2009? Something you have long considered but not gotten around to? Join a new club, meet new people, set yourself a new fun challenge, buy a bike maybe! Go on, try something new!

Life doesn't have to be all money, money, money. You should aim to have a lot of fun too! :)

If you have any good money making cash generating methods yourself please leave a comment to help others this new year: together we can make a difference! Links are fine too! I look forward to reading your ideas. My hottest link for 2009 is:-

Click Here! If you seriously want to create yourself a serious online income blogging in 2009!

Good Luck! Louise
Write Your Way To Wealth in 2009!

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jj-momscashblog said...

Hi Louise, Very interesting article and how true you can find a way to earn money in many different areas.You sound like a very resourceful women and willing to jump in and do whatever it takes! I have to give you a lot of credit for that. It does seem that some people are just waiting for the perfect job or waiting for a job that brings in lots of money,instead of looking and working here and there and letting it all add up. I love your idea of delivery pick-up never would of thought of that one. Great ideas!

zowoco said...

Thanks jj, really nice to read your thoughts here! I would LOVE the perfect job, which for me is probably university lecturer in a music or art college, but I have a real attitude problem when it boils down to doing what I am told when I am expected to!

So I tend to build my income up from a variety of sources which definitely makes sense in recession when cash jobs are so competitive.

I encourage my friends to take an interest they are very knowledgable about and to turn it into an earner for themselves. I am currently involved in selling computers and musical instruments, building a music teaching business, developing a construction business based around tiling and interior design, developing a brilliant events catering biz, blogging (for fun!), deliveries for takeaways just to keep the cash flowing, selling my household junk on ebay and local auctions and free ad papers, and future projects include publishing my music and creating income from painting local scenes and selling prints and kitchen products featuring these.

So I keep busy! Eventually I will want to go back to college to study music, art and economics and I will fund this by having created a solid online income which I aim to create mainly through creating my own information products like ebooks and video courses and selling these through clickbank and paydotcom.

This month I intend to set up new blogs on success motivation, online gaming and sales training.

Watch this space! :)