Friday, 24 April 2009

How To Achieve Powerseller Status on Ebay

I have been researching for resources to help you become a powerseller on ebay.

Below is a link to an auction tips site offering the information you require to learn how to become an ebay powerseller: it's powersellers who have the biggest feedback numbers and therefore the highest earnings on ebay. So learn the secrets to becoming a successful ebay powerseller today!

Bear in mind that ebay's policy regarding the sale of ebooks has changed since this article, but there's no reason why you can't achieve the sales volume you need using books or any item of mass interest that you can source easily.

A further product that caught my eye is this book by Nick Marks on achieving ebay powerseller status within 90 days. He has contacted over 50 of the most successful ebay powersellers and learned the secrets of their succes which he has then created into an easy to follow guide for you. He also includes many details of wholesalers and dropshippers worldwide to help you reach the hallowed Holy Grail! I highly recommend this guide:

So there you go, two quality resources for you to learn how to achieve powerseller staus on ebay!

Now did you see the book I pictured at the top of this post? It is an all action packed guide written for you by John Thornhill of planetsms and believe me, this guy knows something about pwerselling on ebay! So do click on this link and check in to see what Mr Thornhill can teach you about ebay powerselling! From the original ebook marketing guru himself!

Click Here To Discover The Power And Wealth of Creating Your Own Auction Profit Streams Today!

Good luck with your successful online home business!


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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Make a New Start in Online Business for Spring 2009!

It's time for a spring clean! Here in the South East of UK we have been enjoying some glorious sunny days with myriads of daffodils to cheer the way and big bright blue skies! A new feeling of freedom and independence after the claustrophobia of drab winter days and low grey skies...

So what better than to start a new online business? I am about to refresh my tired old ebay business and look to supply something desirable at a great price on a regular basis to a new database of happy customers. Meanwhile I am also looking to start up new blogs on a range of subjects from online gaming to sales training!

And lucky me, I have landed a new sales job with a prestigious UK company, so this will keep me focussed and earning but I will also have free time to develop what I earn online.

Today is the first day I go out and give the sales presentation on my own, so I am just about to do the prep for that, including shining up my tired old attache case!

Good luck with all your ventures this spring and I'll be back to chat soon! Wish me luck too!

Cheers, amigos!
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Sunday, 8 March 2009

How To Make Money Online Fast!

Do You Have What It Takes To Build Your Own Online Income Streams?

Obviously I want to say YES! Yes, you do!

Well, what do you really require? You need to be able to access the internet several times a week ideally but everyone is in reach of a home connection, a friend with a home connection, an internet cafe, or have you considered mobile broadband? There are some fantastic deals out there for £20-£40 per month on a 12-24 month contract where you pay for so much mobile broadband access and receive a laptop free! Or you can buy a pay-as-you-go package from Currys for around £70.

You need time and focus. Not a lot of time perhaps, but a definite focus. Try selling your unwanted items on ebay first to get a feel for online trading and customer service. Next choose a subject dear to your heart and start a blog on it! Create 1 or 2 short simple posts every week and aim to get some visitors to your blog.

Start small, build up. Try dropshipping as a great hands-free business you can run from auction sites and your own ready-to-go website. These cost very little outlay, do all the work for you! Ask in home business forums how people are earning online. Search the engines for businesses you can promote. These range from network marketing online to affiliate marketing with a great company like

Determine to search until you find an opportunity that appeals to you: then stick with it, decide to give it your all for the next 6 months, ask for advice, be innovative, comment on blogs about your success, find out how to drive more regular visitors and potential buyers to your website.
If you want to free yourself from the daily grind of sitting in traffic a year from now, if you have internet access, if you have a little start-up cash and lots of determined perseverence then YES! You have what it takes! So don't be distracted, make a start today. I began with selling books on ebay then promoting clickbank products. Check out or and today.

Get yourself a free blog from - these all explain just what you need to do. Grab some revenue with an account at and start writing today!

Video yourself promoting your online businesses and post your video on - you never know who might be watching! Avoid spending sums on banner advertising in your early stages - most traffic can be encouraged to your site for free, especially in the age of social media: web 2.0. If you don't understand anything online just do a google search for that term and you will have a world of information at your finger tips.

Determine to begin creating your own unique info products as soon as possible. Market your product at clickbank. Create some banners and email marketing for your affiliates. Read ezines and email successful online entrepreneurs for details of the secrets to their success: you could even repackage these tips as your very first ebook and sell that! Let the word spread. Have opinions to air. Become an expert in one niche area. Connect to other like experts. Start a subscription website. Buy and sell websites and domains on ebay.

You can do it. Just start asking and seeking and choose a project and get into it. And create a blog detailing how you are getting on. Make it easy for people to find you and what you sell. Be courteous. Be innovative.

I especially want to recommend Dave Gale's excellent information on how to start a great online business for free. You'll be surprised how easy it is, but like all great yet simple ideas you need focus and perseverence. Try it today: there's a 2 month full money back guarantee on this so everyone's a winner! Go for it! Start A Free Online Business - To Find Out How, Click Here!

If you have any favourite tips you want to share about building an online business of any kind please comment below. Thanks!

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Write Your Way To Wealth in 2009!

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

7 Secrets To Having All The Creative Ideas You'll Ever Need

Do you feel your creativity is hindered through a lack of good ideas to develop? Or maybe you have no problem coming up with ideas, it's knowing which ones to choose and how to then develop them that's the problem?

Here are 7 powerful secrets to having, and developing, all the creative ideas you'll ever need:

1. Believing you can have great ideas. It all begins with believing you're capable of having great ideas. Deeper than this, it comes down to believing you're creative. Many of us have doubts at a fundamental level that we're even creative at all, and with these shaky foundations, anything we try to build on top is liable to come crashing down.
A powerful way to boost your belief is to look back at some of the creative projects you've done in the past, some of your proudest moments. Once you start thinking, and writing down some of the things you've created you soon realise not only that you've created more than you realised, but that you've come up with some brilliant ideas along the way. All this will help remind you how creative you can be and bolster the underlying beliefs that you (yes YOU!) are a highly creative person.

2. Opening your senses. Our connection to the world around us comes through our five senses. Everything that gives us inspiration and happiness and ideas, comes initially through one of our senses of sight, smell, sound, taste or touch. It follows then, that if our senses are dulled and operating as if our heads are stuck in a deep sea divers helmet - full of water - that we're not going to experience all the possible inspiration around us.
One excellent technique here is to simply reconnect with each of your senses in turn. You can start right now. Stop for a moment and think about your sight for example. What can you see all around you? Now look again. What inspiration and detail is there around you that you normally overlook and dismiss? Do the same for each of your five senses, and absorb the amazing amount of potential stimulation around you.

3. Capturing ideas part one - the classic mistake. So now you're open to ideas and believe you can be creative, the next step is to start recording your ideas. The classic mistake most of us make is thinking we never have any ideas, when the reality is we just don't capture them. How many times have you had a great idea in the shower or while driving your car and thought you'd remember it and develop it later. Then later comes and goes and it's not until days later you have a sudden recollection of having that great idea. You know you had it, but can you remember any of the details!
Unfortunately, each experience you have like this confirms your belief that you never have any ideas. So each time it happens you close your senses and your beliefs down a little more, making it less likely for you to be open to ideas in the future. So what's the answer? Capture your ideas as soon as they come. Here's how...

4. Capturing ideas part two - full intensity. First, get yourself something to record your ideas with - a notebook, camera or voice recorder for example - and keep it with you wherever you go. This is obviously key to you being able to capture your ideas. The best way is then to record the idea as soon as it comes to you, as fully as you can.
Say you have an idea for a story about a girl with a magic cape who can disappear just by wearing the cape and blinking her eyes twice. Capture the most vibrant and important elements of the idea, don't try to write the whole story. You want to be able to return to this idea and it explode off the page, and you feel the same enthusiasm as that first moment it came to you. With practice you'll find this easier and easier.

5. More ideas = more ideas. This is one of the best kept secrets about having ideas, that you don't fully appreciate or believe until you start to have and capture them on a regular basis. By doing all of the above so far, you'll start to build a collection of great ideas to develop. What you'll then realise is more and more ideas come, in two main ways.
Firstly, by recording your ideas, it's almost as if these ideas send a subliminal message to the deep source of creativity within you, telling more and more to come forth, because you've been so welcoming to those who have ventured to the surface. Secondly, just by capturing ideas, you give them permission to evolve on their own, while you're off doing other things. When you return, you'll find that as soon as you rediscover certain ideas, others connected ones will naturally spring to mind that you didn't consider originally.

6. Choosing ideas to develop. Even with a notebook bulging with ideas, a lot of us stumble at the next point, how to actually develop those ideas into creative projects. The main mistake we make is to try to work through our ideas one by one, in the exact same order that we captured them. This simply doesn't work because some ideas are better, more exciting, more inspiring than others.
So instead, scan through a few ideas, until you find one that really excites you, that makes you feel you have to get creating right away. Take this idea and, well, get creating right away! Don't then continue to flick through your ideas, just in case you find another one that you're ever so slightly more inspired by. If you do, you'll end up spending the rest of your life stuck in this infinite loop of trying to choose the perfect idea, and never actually create anything!

7. Focus. Once you've chosen your one idea to work on, close your notebook, or put away your camera or voice recorder and give your idea the full focus and creativity it deserves. The aim here is to follow the natural creative flow, as well as eliminating as much distraction as possible.
Remember this powerful truth: You'll have more ideas in your lifetime than you'll ever be able to develop. So instead of getting anxious and overwhelmed and starting a dozen new projects at once, give your one chosen idea a commitment of time and creative energy to develop it the best you can. Wouldn't you rather look back at the end of year and see a handful of brilliant and fully realised creative projects, than a sea of barely started half ideas, none of which have really gone anywhere?

Any of these 7 secrets is of great value in its own right. Use them step by step in the combination above and you have an incredibly powerful technique for having and developing the best creative ideas you possibly can.

So, off you go and let those ideas start flowing...
Ready to be more creative? Then sign up to "Create Create!" - Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin's free twice monthly ezine - today, and get your free copy of the "Explode Your Creativity!" Action Workbook. Just head over to
Article Source:

Thanks for reading and all the best with your wealth creation for 2009! If you have any great ideas for creating extra income just add a comment here.

Louise aka Zowoco
Write Your Way To Wealth in 2009!

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Saturday, 10 January 2009

How to Turn Your Life and Finances Around in 2009 and Create Lasting Wealth Online and Offline! You can do it!

Now is the time to cast aside your Winter Blues and trust to your future!

I want to encourage YOU today to have complete faith in your ability to earn yourself a great new income for 2009 online. You may be a former F W Woolworths or MFI employee or have been made redundant from one of dozens of UK retail chain stores this January: well, don't give up, don't be despondent because with the extra time you have on your hands this January
and February YOU can start to create yourself a new home business online, on the internet, making cash at home, and yes, it is simple, it is possible and YOU CAN DO IT! And it won't cost you! In fact, you have nothing to lose but a few hours typing and all to be gained to secure your financial future anew.

How can I be so confident for you? Well, I appreciate this is a real hard time right now if you are out of work or on a low wage, because right now I am earning less than £300 a month from my piano teaching and some random takeaway delivering whilst I wait for some new year tiling contracts to blow my way!

And that is not enough money for me to live on, no way, so I know how it is for you! But I am taking the extra time I suddenly have to create a new online income that will grow and grow throughout 2009 and provide me a solid dependable lasting source of income and wealth.

So what is it I am doing? That YOU can too, right away now?

I could write you all about it here, but I want instead to direct you over to the real source of this dynamic new opportunity for YOU to cash in by creating yourself lucrative streams of online income. Read this letter and try out the product which I highly endorse: you have an 8 week money back guarantee if for any reason you are unhappy so you can't lose any money, and the price is rock bottom in any case. So here is the link to the most powerful yet simple to activate information YOU are going to need in 2009 to build your wealth longterm and provide yourself and your family a really excellent lifestyle. Sure, I have other cash generating formulas I will be sharing this month, so watch this blog, but today I want to recommend the ONE sure way to create lasting online wealth very cheaply.

Click Here! If you seriously want to create yourself a serious online income blogging in 2009!

Well, everyone can cash in after Christmas by selling a few unwanted presents and spare bits and pieces from around the home, and whilst this will not make you rich, nor create a lasting income source, it is the surest quickest method to generate a few £100's you can use to set up a small business for yourself, whether online or in the real world! Try your local ad rags, bring and buy sales, or best of all, sell your stuff on ebay!
It is fast and easy and if you are an avid collector in any specialist niches such as antiques, postcards, retro, comics, memorabilia, teapots or seventies toys etc, then this will prove a regular gold mine for you as I have found it very easy to buy cheaply in bulk and then split the lot up and resell at a good profit on ebay's auctions. I have sold children's books, shoes, antiques, collectibles, and toys. Go to ebay's community and look me up under "zowoco" to read my ebay marketing feedback of near 600. I will be launching a new ebay venture under a new pseudonym in 2009, selling new items. I can only say, there is no excuse for anyone not to make a few hundred quid selling things on ebay! Start putting together the household items you no longer use, books you never read, collectibles you no longer want, old records and CDs and you'll soon have a fine collection to auction! Go one step further and make a steady stream of income for yourself by buying items from your local free ads press and auctioning these online. All grist to the mill!

Takeaway shops from pizza to kebabs, Chinese to Indian, are seeking delivery drivers right now. As soon as I relocated to Bexhill-on-Sea I walked round the town centre and outlying areas and gave my name and mobile number to all the takeaway shops. Every week I have been delivering for various shops and still I have outlets I have not previously driven for ringing me from a little effort I expended six months ago. It's not glamourous, and you won't make more than around £30 for 4 hours work, but it fills my car with petrol to allow me the freedom during the week to go wherever I please to market my tiling, give quotes, and go out to meet people to teach piano.

In this slow economic meltdown crisis I suggest you put eggs in many baskets and source your weekly income from different sources as well as building yourself a real longterm income stream online. Wash cars, iron, walk dogs, put up shelves by all means: every £20 note is insurance against poverty! Do you know something you could teach others? Music, a language, chess, cooking, knitting, basket weaving, photography, watercolouring, golf, horse riding, surfing, internet, car mechanics? Chances are, whatever you know or enjoy as your hobby, there is someone out there wanting to learn! Surprise yourself: risk a little cash advertising in your local paper, a magazine, shop windows, a relevant shop, a church/community notice board, even online. Take on some students at say £30-£40 per hour or even run a class in the evenings! Five people paying £20 for a shared hour is £100 to you minus any costs which will be minimal. Slimming World is looking for consultants nationwide to run classes and I'm sure a great many other organisations are also.

Take time out to write down your skills, interests, work experience. How can you change things around for yourself? Focus on your hobby: if you enjoy gardening could you garden or consult or design landscapes? Or work part time at your local garden centre? Could you maybe get a sales rep job for a garden tools company or seed manufacturer? See yourself filling new opportunities and step out of the rut! You like reading? Could you sell books part time? Or write articles or short stories for magazines? Try it and see!

If you would like to earn a very good income this year by writing then I highly recommend you check out this link:-

Click Here! If you seriously want to create yourself a serious online income blogging in 2009!

Start to think new possibilities and have faith in yourself to communicate in new markets.
I am enjoying a week relaxing in the Peak District. I am staying in a cottage in Cromford of Arkwright Mill fame and walking on the High Peak Trail. Today was foggy but such a brilliant thick hoar frost marking out every twig and blade, a faery world of crisp white every where! I love winter days like this! I drove over to Dove Dale, just above Ashbourne (where my eldest piano pupil was born in 1917!) and bought some big fat butcher's sausages in
Tissington. My yellow ka was reluctant to negotiate a long uneven ford but with much will power we made it across the icy shallows! "Nothing ventured, nothing gain" said I, and the sheep looked up in disbelief!

I have entered X Factor online (you can too, it's easy, just google search for X Factor entry form). That is a little unnerving: can I really sing? Can I sing and make a good impression? Who knows! Watch this blog space! Why don't you do something wacky for 2009? Something you have long considered but not gotten around to? Join a new club, meet new people, set yourself a new fun challenge, buy a bike maybe! Go on, try something new!

Life doesn't have to be all money, money, money. You should aim to have a lot of fun too! :)

If you have any good money making cash generating methods yourself please leave a comment to help others this new year: together we can make a difference! Links are fine too! I look forward to reading your ideas. My hottest link for 2009 is:-

Click Here! If you seriously want to create yourself a serious online income blogging in 2009!

Good Luck! Louise
Write Your Way To Wealth in 2009!

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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009! How To Surf The Recession And Make Your Fortune Online!

Here's to a great new blogging year ahead folks!

I can't believe I last posted in November! I guess Christmas got in the way for my blogging!

Well, I'm going to be studying the serious art of profitable blogging this new year, 2009, and I intend to make myself a very good income online whether it takes me 2 blogs or 2009! Last year was a new approach for me: I relocated 250 miles to a different country, learnt the trade of tiling on an intensive training course, quit ebaying, almost gave up teaching piano, and discovered blogging...oh, and made a few pennies delivering for the local Chinese takeaway!

So what does 2009 hold in store? A new job for many UK citizens! For me, diversification of my income from art projects to construction projects, and freeing up more time to successfully blog.

If you have had any success blogging for money in 2008 then leave a comment here for readers! If you have yet to make money blogging check this out:-

Click Here! If you seriously want to create yourself a serious online income blogging in 2009!

That is the best information and all you will need this year to inject serious cash into your bank account! An absolute must-have! So check out this link today. Cheers!

Click Here! Create serious cash for yourself in 2009 - find out how - just Click Here Now!

Adios, Zowoco
Zowoco Marketing

Serious to Earn $$$$$$$ blogging in 2009?

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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Successful Sales - How To Turn No Into Yes!

I have been writing articles over at

You can too! Each article will contain a link to your website or blog and can help you secure quality free traffic. It is the best starting point for developing your SEO approach! Here is an article I have just submitted. It is 400 words long and I have submitted it under the category Business - Sales Training. Get writing: you'll be surprised how much you know! Turn your words into cash and become a published author for free! Here's my new article:-

Your sales approach: is it really working for you? Or could you fine tune it a little?
Everything about sales starts with you. And in business first impressions really do count! So check your dress and your address before you begin! Do you give a polished impression or are you a rough diamond?
Before you start work for the day check your mental attitude: are you feeling positive? Bright? Or negative and dull? This will require long term work on your self belief and developing for yourself Positive Mental Attitude.
Do you feel confident in your self? In your presentation? In the products you promote?
A good product self promotes so if you are failing to secure the success you deserve then seriously consider the product: it could well be you need to source a better product range and a better company!
Are you addressing the buyers? Do you sound confident? Are you in charge? Do you know your product information? Do you use your product? A car salesman will achieve great results by driving the car he sells: he will radiate good humour, confidence, professional knowledge from a standpoint of personal experience.
Sales presentation is both an art and a science.
Do you address your buyers by name? Do you consciously create rapport before launching into sales talk? Are you interesting? Do you have a story to tell? Can you give examples of how this product has solved problems for other clients? Letters of recommendation? Photos? A success portfolio?
Most important of all, and most neglected: do you listen? Do you let your client have their say? Talk less about your product sales message and listen a good deal more to your client's point of view and time without number you will close the sale and secure repeat sales for your company.
So skyrocket your sales today by working on your PMA, your self confidence, your knowledge of and belief in the quality of your product, polish your presentation, greet your buyer by name, smile, create rapport, and above all, be a good listener.
The sales person who listens will succeed. Be a listener!
What problems does your client have? What solution can you provide? Be bright, awake, top of the morning and truly expect to receive the order. I would rather buy from a cheerful genuine person than get a discount with a bad attitude! How about you?

Nothing succeeds like success!

Louise aka Zowoco
Zowoco Marketing

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Ebay self sabotage with sky high store fees - how to improve your seasonal sales with canny marketing promotions

Have you checked lately how much your ebay store is costing you in monthly fees?

Well take a look! Rhubarbrockstar was costing more per month in ebay selling fees than we were actually selling so it's time for a move back to the basic auction format! Perhaps you too can save by closing your shop and focussing on auctioning instead! Check it out.

This season bidders are flocking to online auctions to buy Christmas essentials from cards to decorations. What can you source at wholesale which you could auction on eBay and sell bigtime?

Don't miss out on the lucrative marketing sales rush up to Christmas even in the so-called credit crunch! Christmas spending is never in recession, I mean, do you really want to tell your friends "sorry guys but I need to cut back my spending..." No! Everyone will be spending bigtime this season on gifts and tableware so get yourself a pen and paper and jot down cool ideas of what you could be selling to maximise your profit potential in November and December this year.

It's not all doom and gloom!

Indeed, throughout the rest of any year we have to continually step up the marketing resources to convince folk to buy, buy again, keep on buying and tell their friends, but running up to Christmas no-one needs persuading to spend money! Just throw yourself in front of the annual spending stampede by figuring out what people want at what price, source it, sell it!

How do you cut through the multitude of competition for your product? Simple: ADD VALUE! Be the best offer for the best price by throwing something in free! And let your customers know you value them! Contact folk who spent with you this time last year. Offer them a loyalty discount or bonus.

Christmas is the great time of giving so regarding your marketing promotions you need to be giving added value constantly and not least in your overall customer service. Get folk to return and recommend YOU! Offer a unique package. Be the best!

No matter what you sell, you can close more sales this fall by offering more per dollar or pound than your rivals: put the giving back into Christmas!

Season's Greetings! Louise aka Zowoco
Zowoco Marketing
Good Luck! :)

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Friday, 26 September 2008

New Internet Marketing Business Strategies at Zowoco

Back to the grind! Summer over and the long haul up to the end of 2008 kicking in!

How do you feel? Nice and relaxed and focussed after a good holiday break, or just bloody knackered and disorientated?

I'm staggering in here somewhere between the two, I think! Time to step up the eBaying strategies running up to Consumermas (25 Dec)!! Time to restructure my ebooks and offers here at Zowoco Marketing. Time to blog anew and get back into the social networking rat race! Time to look at some quality advertising and online promotion opportunities. Time to surf for new deals, learn new stuff...instead of which I shall probably just kick my boots off and settle down with a long piping hot coffee and read "Hard Times"!!

Beat the credit crunch this fall by diversifying your income sources. Trust no one and boot Luck out the window: rely on your self! No one is going to do you any favours in a recession. Step up your advertising for your businesses, ask yourself key questions: "who is gonna buy my gunk?" "where are they, who are they?" "what do they read?" and get in there!

Advertising is not some expensive opportunity for you to look good on cheap paper! It is the key means of contact between you and whoever is to buy the gunk you offer. So get it right! If something isn't working figure out why, withdraw that source, ask yourself what will work and get onto something new. See your offer from the average punter's viewpoint: why would anyone want that??!! Offer something irresistable, get the pricing right, deliver on time, add some extras,'s all basic stuff!

I am currently making money offline with a variety of unambitious projects: delivering pizzas and takeaway food at the weekends for some easy cash-in-hand pocket money, teaching piano (which I'm rather damn good at), selling stuff out my loft (never seems to diminish!), and my new skill...tiling. I made a wonderful bodge of a bathroom this last week...plenty more bathrooms out there, I guess! When you consider every house has at least one bathroom and a kitchen and the odd floor, hey, that's a lot of tiling I can get to bodge up!

So I have to crack the code of where to advertise (who wants tiling done? What do they read?), then give a spot-on quote (difficult to predict correctly) which wins for me but appeals to the punter, then get the work done quickly and well, then - worst of all - actually collect the payment. And there you have it! Get all that in place and before you can say "Jolly Hockey Sticks" you should be getting work from recommendations from clients you've pleased in the past...easy, really? Now you try! It's a ruddy minefield.

But I'd rather keep hitting a brick wall running my own businesses than turn up at the right time in the right clothes with the right attitude for a "boss" figure. Coz that don't cut for me. And if you want to ride this marvellous "credit crunch recession 2008" then it ain't gonna cut for you either. Sure, you want to keep your current employment, well who doesn't (apart from me)? But get wise and start your own eBay biz, clear out your garage and loft, do some part time work, teach something you know to those who don't, start up a franchise opportunity, begin your own part time business even if all you can do is scrub, dogwalk or babysit, but just get the pennies rolling in and beat the so called credit crunch for yourself by adding to your income instead of overspending all the time (like we all do)!!

After all, you've only got yourself to blame!

Keep ya posted, Louise alias zowoco

PS: I've been offline so long this summer, eBay has busted me and I'm in hiding...hey, no telling!
Good Luck! :)

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Monday, 4 August 2008

Zowoco Marketing Takes it Easy for Summer 2008 Business Promotion!

Summer's here so get the deck chairs out!

I seem to be taking longer and longer between blog posts...I am still hovering the 250 miles between Wales and Sussex, and try my best, my ebay shop inventory seems to be partly in one place and partly in the other, and never where I want it! Well, I have been offloading some household bits at a local Boot Sale which isn't quite as horrific as it seems, especially if you are up for springing out of bed at 5am on a Sunday morning! It is a good place to give away some of my business cards for my new Tiling business which I am calling A1 Tile 4 Style.

I am also clearing out attics and cupboards for more golden oldie bits to sell at auction, online, at bootsales and through classified ads. Good to get rid of some flotsam! During August I aim to get out and about daily from 9am to 3pm travelling around the South East of UK putting my new Tiling business cards around in Tile shops, DIY, local shop windows, pubs, wallpaper shops...

Do you have any ideas for inexpensive advertising, promotion and marketing?

If so, leave a comment here, thanks!

Zowoco Marketing likes to cheapskate regarding business expense!

I have had some business card fridge magnets printed up to give each client so they know where to find me again and as a talking point for their visitors! Fun novel idea, I thought. They weren't expensive at 17p each!!

I had 5000 cards printed for £50 and was able to customize my own trendy design! You'll love these options. Why not get some cards printed up to promote your website or blog offline? You won't find cheaper on the planet.

Ok, I'm off for some liquid refreshment before I travel across the country again tomorrow! Keep checking into
for all the best online and offline promotion ideas for yoyur businesses! Have a great August and be sure to get out away from the computer screen and sample the sun! Chus!

aka Zowoco
Good Luck! :)

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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Start Today: Set Aside A Part Of All You Earn To Secure Wealth For Your Future!

Today I was lucky to get into work: the road down to the training unit was closed off ten minutes later due to a huge fire in a furniture warehouse just yards from the Tiling factory where I am learning my new recession-proof trade!

There were 20 tenders from the Kent fire brigrade and 100 firemen to cope with what looked like a nuclear fall out. Meanwhile the sun appeared and I completed a kitchen wall mosaic of which I am very proud! Shifting from twenty years of music and teaching to a construction trade is challenging to say the least, especially to my sense of time keeping. All in a good cause, however: the betterment of my bank balance!

Well, I am a very expensive lass. Give me ten hours and I can spend my way through any fortune, indeed, several in just the one day...

So I am attempting to secure myself an income that to some extent keeps pace. Every now and then I take a ten minute break in my tiling and read a snippet from my all-time favourite wealth wisdom book "The Richest Man in Babylon" by George S. Clason. Get a copy from Amazon, you'll benefit greatly from this timeless classic first published in the 1920's.

A Part Of All You Earn Is Yours To Keep

Is the basic theory behind this wisdom. When you spend all that you earn in any one month, or, in this age of easy credit, more than you earn, then you rob yourself of the foundation of your future wealth. The book teaches you, chapter by chapter, to set aside a percentage of your income to invest. Because by investing (paying yourself) you will create incomes for yourself whereby your money makes money, as opposed to drawing income solely from your work efforts month after month, year after year.

Even if you can only set aside a tiny amount monthly the magic starts in the simple fact that you have firstly decided to actively DO something about your financial future, not just talk about it, and secondly you are training yourself to rely on your own efforts, not Lady Luck, and therefore you will begin to become aware of opportunities as they arise where you can make your money make more money. Eventually the growth of this set aside capital, no matter how small a beginning will grow your wealth, your family estate.

You are tempted to scoff this simple concept but every fortune through the ages had to start from a tiny seed! So start yours today! You never have enough from your present salary to buy all you desire, therefore it cannot hurt you to set a little aside. No excuses! The real secret lies in the fact that you have made a vital change of heart: you set yourself responsible for your future, you choose to become wealthy, to do what it takes, you begin to believe in your own abilities and you quit procrastinating. A subtle change takes place in the way you value yourself and the value you place on not only your money, your income, but in what it takes you to earn that income: the effort you put in! You quit waiting and begin commanding.

You begin to command that your money WORK FOR YOU! Earning interest, growing. Building wealth for your future. You place great value on your own self reliance. You expect great things from your Life, and you buzz with the excitement of seeing the things you truly desire begin to evolve for you. In effect, you take command of YOURSELF! And who else should? So today, set aside a small part of your earnings and determine that come what may, you will NEVER spend this amount, or any other you set apart: this is the seed of the capital that will surely build your wealth. Expect great things, be prepared for them.

I am going to make a habit each week of buying one item from the local classified ad paper and reselling it at profit. A small beginning, but a good starting point, one calculated to effortlessly grow a little capital for me to invest. At first the money will go into a 90 day account to minimize the likelihood of my spending it, then into a six month National Savings Bond, then into other profitable investments I choose. This takes my money through a system that places it further from my spending!

In a short while I will have a new SAVING habit established, and from there I will begin an INVESTING habit. I see saving as setting aside from spending, and investing as growing the money you save by attracting the awesome power of compound interest. Anyway, go grab yourself a copy of the book. And read it many times over. Believe in yourself. Who else is going to?

Catch you later,
Louise aka zowoco

All the goodies at Zowoco Marketing Blog! xx

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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

British Recession Believed To Be Just Three Months Away: Safeguard Your Income Now!

When a major recession appears imminent all is not doom and gloom for you as an individual, even if the big picture is unhealthy for your work environment. Smile on through!

In recession which industries continue to do well? Get your work efforts and your investments there! Not everyone goes down during recession so ally yourself with the winners. The construction and property renovation industry stands to boom in this forthcoming financial climate. Multi millionaire property developers continue to place large contracts for construction companies and labourers.

As individual homeowners come under pressure to keep up their mortgage repayments during the gloom of rising living costs, static wages, and mass redundancy, inevitably many will fall by the wayside and lose their house to repossession. This is good news for the developers who pick up these properties at incredible bargain prices at auction as the banks and building societies are desperate to offload this burden and captalize at least some gain from the repossessed properties.

Can you make good here? Invest shrewdly in property development opportunities. Relocate your job to the construction trade! Take out your savings and buy property at auction. As property prices drop you get more bang for your buck. Hold and rent out: the property sector always rises in time. Most ultra wealthy persons have made at least some of their fortune through property in one form or another. Don't overlook the commercial property market!

This is a great time, no matter what your circumstances, to learn all you can about property: location, purpose, building, development, tenanting, reselling. Determine that you too will build your wealth through property this next decade. See what is available abroad, especially in the new EU countries. Once your legal team steer you through the language minefield you will soon discover a world of opportunity awaits: property abroad is much cheaper than here in the UK. Houses sell for half the UK value in the US. What does France, Bulgaria, or the former USSR have to offer?

My tiling course is proving good fun: I am now in my second week of (hopefully) six. I have tiled bathroom walls, a shower, flooring. I have become familiar with grout and adhesive and shaping tiles to fit awkward spaces. Now I will study more complex areas such as tiling on an angle and mosaic work. I want to buy a property so I can have fun tiling the bath and shower rooms now! Although I believe residential buy-to-let is 100% pain. Commercial property is the ballgame to get involved in. Tiling is my passport to a trouble-free strong income to ride the recession wave and create a strong financial backdrop for myself for the future.

You can find out more about this at

Chus! Keeping you posted on recession-proof income and investing,
Louise aka zowoco xx

PS do you know of any UK based funding for trade courses or small business start-up? Please leave contact details as a comment as I will find this really helpful, thanks a lot :)

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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Create Yourself A Recession-Proof Income For Financial Stability And Self Assurance

Hi again! It has been an age since I sat I last sat down and typed a blog post here.

I have now moved to a small seaside resort on the South coast of England called Bexhill-on-Sea. My laptop has completely crashed and will have to be sent back to the manufacturer this week! So I have stopped for an hour in an internet cafe.

The vulnerability to internet and computer technology to hacking, crashing, viruses and wear and tear makes me somewhat cynical regarding entrusting one's efforts entirely online at present! Nevertheless, with the present credit-crunch and forthcoming recession situation I am very keen to create myself a new income which is entirely recession proof.

So I considered for some time: what British industries are never prone to recession? I decided the safest industry is the construction industry. There are so many jobs from garden design to architectural technician, plumber to insulation fitter, bricklayer to glazier. I attended a construction trade fair, spoke to every exhibitor and found some really useful contacts. I built up a picture of the opportunities available from apprenticeships to intensive courses; employment to self-employment and setting up your own business.

It is always a major challenge in anyone's life to opt for a radical career change, and I am female, 36 years! Yet I was constantly assured by the people with whom I spoke that many women in their thirties are turning to the construction industry, even securing apprenticeships with major employers. Google search for job opportunities, training opportunities construction and see what you can find: this could be the break YOU need right now if your current income is not enough.

I am particularly keen on an option I have discovered which allows me to combine training for a new trade with earning an NVQ level 2 (a vital trade qualification) and gives me the option to continue my piano teaching in the evenings too! May I recommend you
as a great British training forum. You will find this a helpful starting point. It is never too late to start afresh or change track: one of my piano pupils began piano at age 85 and is still enjoying lessons six years later! :)

So if your internet income is not yet matching your expectations, do consider looking into a career change fr yourself and taking some of your spare time to enjoy blogging! Be flexible, be hopeful, never give up and allow yourself some time to fully consider all the best options for yourself in all you do.

Can I recommend you take a little time to browse my blog posts here and click on some of the opportunity banners down the left hand side here? It will be a week or two now before I can easily resume regular blogging but I passionately believe in the products and services I promote here which I think will really help you begin to create residue online income!

Meanwhile I am building myself new income in the three dimensional world too: there is always a danger one relies too heavily on the "instant magic" of the enticing world wide web and becomes detached from the greater opportunities that exist in the REAL world outside!

It seems to me that no matter how technologcally advanced mankind becomes, no matter how increasingly dependent on telecommunications and electronics, the timeless human industries are ever a rock solid foundation for wealth: construction, building and property are still "safe as houses"!!!

Good Luck in your endeavours, never give up, never allow yourself at a loss: no matter what transpires pick yourself up and get out and about and look around you and start asking people questions "How can I?" "How do you?" "Is this?"


All the best this week!
Louise, aka Zowoco Marketing

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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

How To Source Great Web 2.0 Social Media Resources For Online Business Marketing Success

Hi! I seem to be spending equal time in East Sussex and South Wales which is a distance of 250 miles and it is not doing wonders for my marketing blogging!

I am attempting to relocate from Wales to England in the UK. I have family in East Sussex and am taking my things over weekly and house hunting but it is taking much more time than I originally projected to find a suitable house to rent. This bank holiday week I intend to stay in Sussex a week and find myself digs so I can base myself there whilst I house hunt and set up my new Success Motivator consultancy business, which will be challenging and fun!

All the same, I am working hard at blog commenting and social networking and bookmarking as and when I have time online and I am thrilled at the recent response I am seeing on Google. So never be discouraged with your Web 2.0 marketing: plug in, stick in!

So much social bookmarking is general and random, so where can we source social networks that are truly keyed up for blog marketing and online business success? Scour the internet and what do you find? I have the answer here for you today: there is a very useful resource post here:-

Click on this above link and go to a most exceptional business blog which I know you will enjoy and find full of really useful posts and resources for your blogging success. I highly recommend this excellent blog!

If you are already fired up by the huge free traffic potential of Web 2.0 and Social Bookmarking or if you are just starting out and wondering where to begin and how to get a flood of top quality highly targetted free traffic (website visitor volume) then I have a fantastic cheap resource to highly recommend you! Just click on the link below to read all about it!

Click here to read how I use Web 2.0 and Social Bookmarking daily to drive a flood of FREE TRAFFIC to my blogs and websites, and Now You Can Too! Enjoy the benefits of huge visitor volume daily to your online business venture projects!

YES! This is a resource I myself have purchased and am working my way through to ensure my long-term online business marketing success for Zowoco Marketing! You too can now enjoy the tricks of the trade with this magnificent low price cost effective package. I highly recommend you give it a try: there is an eight week money back guarantee to ensure great customer satisfaction so you simply cannot lose out. Learn how to harness the power of Web 2.0 and Social Bookmarking to enhance your visitor traffic figures with a little free input daily.

I use several programs on a daily basis to build my Zowoco Marketing blog visitor traffic volume and I will definitely say this is the cheapest most effective marketing plan you can buy online today! Check it out and enjoy your own blogging success story! ;)

And the other exciting thing I have been doing today is creating my profile in Technorati. You can too, and find out all about this remarkable traffic and reputation building resource by clicking below my name here! Find out how this website can help your marketing today.
All the best, thanks for reading,

Louise aka Zowoco!
Get Your Own FREE flood of website visitor TRAFFIC here!

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Friday, 16 May 2008

Success Motivation Can Inspire You For Life!

Zowoco Marketing is all about Success Motivation!

You too can motivate yourself for Success in every area of your Life! There are sixty seconds in every minute: what good is it going to do YOU to be miserable or thinking negatively in any of those sixty seconds? Train yourself to think positively in every situation and accept nothing less than total Success Mentality from Yourself!

End knee-jerk reactions! Enjoy complete control over your temper. Have fantastic relationships! Enjoy the views of people you meet without forcing your personality upon them! Learn to listen constructively. No one else is YOU, no one is much like you and thank goodness for that, eh? Just accept that people are different: they are neither good nor bad, they are just different.

Start to think in a neutral stance about everything around you and all that happens to you. It probably wasn't anyone's fault: it just happened. Something has to happen. It did. You can cope! Go for a long walk to shrug it all off, or watch a favourite comedy, or dip into a warm foamy bath! Things just happen, people are themselves: stop taking everything so personally. Why should it all affect you? Just let it ride.

Just let it ride!

Once you can take onboard the "Just Let It Ride" philosophy you are ready to start thinking positively! Be optimistic. Good things can happen. Especially if you start looking out for them! See silver linings instead of clouds. See the parts of people's personalities that please you, that are in tune with your own, that you admire. Be cheerful. Sing a bit. Life's not so bad! It's not that bad. It's not as bad as you think it is. Even if it is all bad, determine that today is going to be a little brighter! Just a shade, say!

You can make your own luck by developing a pleasing personality. Accept other people for what they are. Smile with them. Avoid the people you really don't like, or don't get on with. Be good natured and good humoured. Maybe today is quite a nice day! Maybe the people around you quite like you! Maybe you can do a little good here and there? Help someone? Listen to someone's troubles? Empathize? Other people have clouds too!

So what is Success Motivation and how can it turn YOUR LIFE around?

Develop yourself a Purpose in Life! Aim to achieve that! Decide to be a little more tolerant today in your attitude towards the people around you. Laugh a little. Sing a little. Smile. Go out of your way for someone. Buy somebody a gift. Do something unusual. And go for a walk alone to think about your strengths and weaknesses, what you want to achieve this week, what you aim to achieve this month, maybe! Get to know yourself. Decide to be. Become. Whom? What?

I like to encourage a person to feel achieved about what they have done so far in Life. I like to encourage this person to move always towards the things they want, like, what makes them feel happy, what next they want to achieve for themselves. To gain ever greater goals outside the bog-standard of feeding, clothing and housing oneself. Do you like art? Music? Nature? Travel? Join a new society and learn something new. Meet new different people. Quit shooting your mouth off or feeling angry! Or if you can't, join your local political party!

Aim to enjoy a greater life than you have now: aim to be a greater person! Someone with Vision. Someone who sees! Someone who gets things done. Enjoy more. Set aside much more time daily for yourself and your interests. Be prepared to meet people who think differently to you! Accept them, they cannot be you! Only YOU can be you! Know thyself? Be yourself!

Determine to be the person you want to be, where you want to be, with whom you want to be, doing what you enjoy, as you like it! Why else? Sixty seconds filled with good feelings is a darn fine minute! And if you feel good, I guess you are thinking positively! Less cloud, more silver lining. Accept yourself. Accept others. Let it ride. Keep calm, balanced, serene. Eat strawberries! Drink mineral water. Be cool. The world keeps turning round no matter whether you rant and rave or just stay focussed!

Create a new business with great new ethics. Step where no one has gone before. Keep in credit. Be happy - grin! Go places. Throw out your wardrobe and start again. Make wine. Get a fantastic new car. Give to your favourite charity: donate the price of a holiday and feel good about it! Make a few extra people happy this week in little caring ways. Shout at a few less. Way to go! Invest more time in yourself and determine to slowly become the person you want to be.

Choose a new direction for your work. Be content with what you have done so far. Relax!

Get a grip! No owes you. You owe no one. Start out anew. Today is going to be different. Tomorrow is going to be different. You are going to take more time out to just plain enjoy yourself. Why not? What else were you planning? List the things you like, list all that you want to achieve some day and start out right away achieving some of these! Plan that holiday, buy the art supplies, the easel, learn to dance. Learn whatever, do whatever, go whatever, AND LET IT RIDE! Be motivated. You'll soon be successful too! Hey, you already are a Success! So grin a bit!

I say go on, try this! You say you cannot. I say, what is so good now in your Life you cannot change? Just grin a bit! You see, it not so bad! You have the power to change not only your Life but everyone around you. Think positively, see the silver linings, start to be really CREATIVE in every aspect of your Life, accept things, keep serene, go for it, be YOU!

Thanks for reading, all de best!

Louise xx
Success Motivator

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Thursday, 15 May 2008

How To Boost Your Ebay Store Traffic Visitor Volume Massively!

Do you have an ebay shop or store? Selling well? Would you like to drive more people there yourself or just let ebay take control of your business and profits?

How can you promote your store yourself outside of ebay?

Here is the post I wrote today on my ebay blog. It opens a new train of thought for me! Have a read and then I will leave you to comment and add your own ideas!

Do you want more people visiting your ebay shop? More than the numbers you get from ebay searchers only?

It is time to take control of your ebay store business and focus on driving online visitors straight from Google search and Yahoo to your store, rather than to ebay itself!

A little extra time spent on this daily will soon pay off big dividends for your profits!

The way to do it is this: go to blogger or wordpress and begin your own blog. It could be about ebaying, how to keep 100% feedback or how to source cheaper goods at wholesale, it could be funny stories of selling or a forum where ebayers exchange views! The possibilities are endless, and ebaying is a very popular subject worldwide.

The other thing is to blog about the niche market interest your store specialises in. So for example, if you sell camping equipment you could blog about campimg, campsites, routes, hiking, camping equipment, again a big list of possibilities. Talk about the products you sell on ebay and feature a product of the week.

Lead people from your blog to your ebay store. If you can provide interesting useful information on your blog then people will be glad to come and see your store. Provide a link straight to your store front from each and every post on your blog.

I bought a redirection URL to help people find my ebay store easier:
You could try this, too, and link the name into your blog name, so for instance I could have

The next thing is to take time each day to promote your blog and get traffic visitors to read it and then link to your store! I discuss this blog marketing approach in my online marketing blog called

Keep up-to-the-minute, look around, never be afraid to try anything new! You will find having a blog outside of ebay can really boost your ebay selling. Good Luck! :)

So, what do you think? Have you ever seen a blog that truth to tell, is devoted solely to promoting a blogger's ebay store items?

This is something that came to me today and I like the concept of creating a marketing blog to promote my ebay shop. I just need to find some products of international interest to stock in my ebay shop! Have a look for yourself at

You can read the original blog post there, and may I recommend you read my About Me page on eBay? Thanks! I want you to consider this and see if you too can profit more easily in this way from ebay? Great marketing success online! Cheers,

Louise (aka Zowoco)

Do you live in the US and want to set up dropshipping on your ebay?
Click Here to enjoy access to over 200,000 items you can dropship for ebay and build your own dropshipping auction business 24/7!

Do you live in the UK? Click Here to enjoy over 20,000 products you can enjoy access to in the UK to create your very own low cost dropshipping ebay shop!

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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Perception Is Reality

I was never supposed to be a speaker, author and sales trainer. I was supposed to be a ballerina.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. My mother has told me that when I was a small child I would constantly turn on the radio and dance. She said I had no sense of rhythm and so she enrolled me in ballet class. That was the beginning of a first career and a great passion.

As a child I danced with Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, always one of the child guests in Act I of Nutcracker. As I grew older, it was the corps de ballet, Snowflake and Waltz of the Flowers. I was even the Sugar Plum Fairy a few times!

At age17 I moved to New York City to dance, and like every artist in the City, needed a day job. At first I waited on tables. Then I found something more lucrative and more fun—telemarketing.

An ad in “Backstage,” the trade publication we would read to look for auditions, caught my attention. It was an ad for a telemarketing company. They would hire actors because actors can read scripts. (Hiring tip: If you are looking for a part time telemarketer—hire an actor.) The job was calling high-level executives and setting new business appointments. I got the job and was really good at it. Who knew? Ballet dancers don’t even talk.

Eventually the telemarketing company started to give me all the “hard leads,” the Presidents, the CEO’s, the people who “didn’t take cold calls.” I’d call them, up, get them on the line, have a great conversation and set up the meeting. It was fun and it was easy.

Years later when I started my training and coaching business I thought that all that was necessary was to show clients a system and help them write a good script and we would be finisheddone. Imagine my surprise upon discovering all of the human and psychological barriers people face when prospecting by telephone.

That sent me back to the basics to think about not only the system and scripts but also the thought process and mind set as well. I realized something fascinating.

At the time of that initial telemarketing job, I was 19, rather naive and inexperienced in the ways of the world. I lived in a small apartment with four other dancers. I made very little money. Yet, when I would pick up the telephone to call that CEO or President, believe it or not, I felt that I was superior. I may have been calling someone who made 100 times more money, someone who lived in a wonderful house or apartment, someone whom everyone would consider to be the epitome of success, yet I felt superior because I was an artist. My belief system at the time was simply that artists are superior in every respect. It never occurred to me that prospects would be anything but delighted to speak with me.

While my mind set and beliefs about the business and corporate world, my place in it and my “superiority” have changed drastically over the years, that belief system was what enabled me to successfully pick up the telephone and speak easily with high-level executives. Perception is reality. Although my life circumstances at the time were far from ideal I didn’t view it that way.

The thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself directly impact your ability to perform and be successful. While it is not necessary to believe yourself to be superior, as once upon a time I did, it is imperative that you see yourself and your prospects as peers and equals. If you do not, it is time to change your thought patterns. Instead of thinking about how important your prospect is, think about all of the ways that your prospects and customers need you. Think about how you help. Think about the benefits that you bring. Start to see yourself as an equal with something of value to offer. Determine that your prospects will be happy to speak and work with you. Perception becomes reality.

I close with my all time favorite quote by Henry Ford who said:
“Either you think you can or you think you can’t and either way you’re right.”

© 2005 Wendy Weiss
Wendy Weiss, “The Queen of Cold Calling & Selling Success,” is a sales trainer, author, and sales coach. Her recently released program, "Cold Calling College", and/or her book, "Cold Calling for Women", can be ordered by visiting Contact her at Get Wendy’s free e-zine at
Article Source:

Friday, 9 May 2008

The Top 10 Simple Step Strategies To Build Your Marketing Blog Success Online

Suddenly you meet an internet marketer who has been extremely successful online over the last decade, and you ask yourself "What can I learn and implement from this master strategist?"

Today I present you Jim Daniels of BizWeb2000 who has been there and back in ten years of guru internet marketing. His numbers success will astonish you.

Click on this link above to read Jim's Top 5 Strategies to boost your website's visitor traffic and breathe in some of his success!

Can I whole-heartedly endorse Jim's FREE ebook you see above? Work at Home: Internet Based Financial Independence in Ten Simple Steps. Now, the great thing about this ebook is this: you will see that it is normally offered for sale at $97. But readers of zowoco marketing blog can benefit today from simply bypassing the $97 cost! How? Easy! When you arrive on the sales page just click on the GOLD KEY! And save yourself $97 by downloading the ebook for FREE! Here's your link:-

Click Here and Download 10 Simple Steps To Internet-Based Financial Independence
courtesy of the Gold Key provided by Zowoco Marketing Blog! Enjoy!

I know you'll find this a great resource so don't delay, download today for FREE!
Many thanks for reading Zowoco Marketing Blog!
Good Luck in building your online business!

Louise aka zowoco

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Zowoco Blog Marketing Tip To Explode Your Blog Readership Numbers!

Just a quick tip:
I found this interactive blog directory today and thought you might like to check it out. There are several thousand relevant business and internet blogs listed. There are links and banners to promote this and you can add any number of your blogs to the directory for increased readership. I think this could prove useful to you. Have a look.


Do You Want Thousands of Visitors to Your Websites and Blog for FREE? Discover The Power of Viral Advertising Today!

I am always excited to discover reciprocal linking for increased blog and website visitor traffic because we all stand to gain so much more by interaction and sharing our online discoveries!

Free online advertising

So today I want to share with you a valuable resource which you can add to your blog and websites and quite simply, the more people who use this, the more we will all gain!

Do YOU want thousands of targetted visitors for FREE? I do! I am even prepared to pay for visitors so the more the merrier! I am excited by this development in traffic building: a dynamic concept called TrafficDigger!

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How Traffic Digger Works?

Traffic Digger works with simple way, but will never failed. We're similar with other multi level marketing system. More downlines you get, more websites will show your ads, and more visitors you get for your website. This is how our system works:
When you signed up, you will get a website like this with your ad at the 1st position, and ad at current 1st position will be moved to 2nd position, current 2nd to 3rd, and so on. Ad at current 7th position won't be shown anymore.

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So why is this suitable for and why do I heartedly endorse the program at zowoco marketing?

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I have added TrafficDigger to my campaign of blog promotion marketing and now you can too! And best of all it is FREE so you have nothing to lose! Go for it!

Free online advertising

I know you will love this! Keep promoting yourself and adding value to your personal brand! All the best and catchya later!

Louise aka zowoco xxx

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Free online advertising